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Dyed4you creates prophetically custom-dyed silks. What that means is the bulk of our orders (about 90%) are people ordering blank scarves and asking that we create whatever Father says. These silks typically come with a letter detailing the name, the colors and their meanings, related scripture(s), and which Scent of Heaven anointing oil was used when we prayed over and anointed it (how we anoint silk).

These silks can be used for everything from prayer cloths to scarves, dance veils to flags, and more (see how people use their silks) - feel free to find out more about our scarves or Browse & Buy. Or find out more about how to order.

Because of the unusual manner in which the silks are created, we get to hear some incredible testimonies, which we call Scarf Stories. For the latest scarf stories, anecdotes, testimonials, videos of our silk in action and more - visit our Blog. These are the most recent entries: