Fresh Oil

Below is a portion of a three-part story. The three scarves mentioned all have stories – Fresh Oil (this story), Overcomer, and Wind & Fire. The stories are told using a combination of feedback from Faye (the woman who ordered them), feedback from the intercessors they were for, and I (Meghan) have filled in some details as well.

My husband and I wanted to buy gifts for 3 Intercessors we had met and decided on worship scarves. I searched the internet to no satisfaction. I kept feeling the urge from the Holy Spirit to search again, but it took until the third time before He led me to Dyed4You. I began to read the scarf stories on the site and felt the presence of God so strongly I broke down and cried. Little did I know this was only the beginning of an amazing journey.

God quickly showed me that Meghan was one of His precious children with a strong anointing and an even deeper love for the Father. I ordered the scarves and when I received Meghan’s email upon their completion I was thrilled to see she had in fact tapped into her Daddy’s heart for these women of God. – Faye

The name of the first scarf was Fresh Oil. The center area was a mix of green (healing and restoration) and yellow (praise) and it was edged in purple (the promises of God). In addition, it had been splashed in gold (the beauty of His holiness).

The verse that went with the scarf was Psalm 23:5: “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.” The heart of this scarf was about being refreshed and restored – built up and strengthened – that being accomplished through praise and time in His presence.

The scarf was prayed over and anointed with Spikenard – which represented abandoned worship, it represented going to new depths with the King of Kings – the Lover of our souls.

Faye relayed the intercessor’s response.

When she walked out to mailbox and saw the package she knew it was something special from her heavenly Daddy. She said she could feel the anointing flowing from the envelope. At that moment her life felt like such turmoil. The storm was ragging on every side. God told her (just like the woman who received Wind & Fire) to open the envelope last. When she did she touched to scarf and felt an overwhelming PEACE. She said it was the sweetest peace. The scarf had arrived at just the right moment.

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5 thoughts on “Fresh Oil

  1. Julie

    This is what continually amazes me about our Father – His perfect timing. He sets things up so perfectly and with the greatest attention to detail. His hand is always there to guide (Faye). I am also impressed with the thought that if we aren’t listening to His heart we miss out on facilitating His blessings.

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  3. Amanda E

    Aww what a blessing! How awesome to experience that overwhelming peace that is just so consuming. Spikenard…do you still use this? I really love the meaning of it!!


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