Hedged In

A loyal customer contacted me about ordering another scarf for herself – a dance veil. She knew God was speaking to her about intimacy, undivided focus, and encouraging her to pursue Him more. As I prayed about it this is what the Lord brought forth:

The name of your scarf is Hedged In. The colors in your scarf are:

  • Lavender representing the beauty of being known
  • Plum representing intimacy
  • Olive representing fresh oil
  • Black representing deep calls unto deep

The song that keeps coming to mind with this is a Misty Edwards song, Garden.

Here it’s You and me alone, God; You and me alone
Here it’s You and me alone, God; You and me alone
[I am Your resting place for You said that You would be in me
That I would abide in the Vine; Christ in me; The hope of my glory]

You and me alone, God; You and me alone
Here it’s You and me alone, God; You and me alone
You’ve hedged me in with skin all around me
I’m a garden enclosed; A locked garden; Life takes place behind the face

Where it’s You and me alone, God; Here it’s You and me alone
Here it’s You and me alone, God; You and me alone
So come into Your garden; Come into Your garden
Come into Your garden; Come into Your garden
Here, oh Lord, Have I prepared a place for You
I’m no longer my own, I’m Your garden

I don’t want to waste my life living on the outside,
I’m going to live from the inside out
I don’t want to waste my time living on the outside,
I’m going to live from the inside out
I’m no longer my own, I’m Your garden – So come into Your garden
Come into Your garden! Come into Your garden! Come into Your garden!

I just sense God hedging you in. He is jealous for you. His love for your is SO great! This scarf has been prayed over and anointed with the Scent of Heaven’s Come Dance with Me, which is used as a beckoning into deeper intimacy with the Lord. So dance! Dance unabashedly with the Lover of your soul… be overtaken – overwhelmed – by a love more beautiful than we can begin to comprehend… I pray you would feel His kisses on your face and know His heart for you completely.

This was a portion of her story after the scarf arrived:

When I got the veil I was ONCE AGAIN struck speechless and brought to tears at the message from my Lord……This gorgeous veil represented EVERYTHING Jesus and I had been speaking to each other!!!! From the intimacy and love of our special relationship to the call to go deeper with Him, to the fresh anointing He was pouring over me… He was making “ALL THINGS NEW” in my life again.

As I wrapped it around me and thanked Him…I felt again that I was in His arms, completely surrounded by His love, His power, His presence, and His protection….. My prayer partner confirmed later that week as I wrapped it around me again that she had seen in the spirit Jesus come up behind me and wrap His arms around me, completely surrounding me with His body as though He were shielding me or “hedging” me in! It was an awesome confirmation of what He had been saying……that He wanted me all to Himself so that He could lead me into that deeper more intimate relationship that we both wanted so badly……

And then a couple weeks later she shared about another encounter with the new veil. This one occurred in church during a Friday worship service.

When it was time for the pastors to speak, I wrapped myself in Hedged In and sat down to listen to the sermons… I was listening to the sermon which was AWESOME… I had my eyes closed just listening… and letting the Word of God sink into my spirit… I was sitting by the back door quietly like this, when I suddenly felt His presence Right IN FRONT of me……I smiled and let myself step into the spirit with Him….

As usual, I bowed to Him telling Him that I LOVED Him…He reached down and lifted me back to my feet and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around His waist and hugged Him back… 🙂 He sat down (I have NO IDEA where the bench came from!) and pulled me onto His lap….I remember I had one arm wrapped around His neck….I reached up with my right hand and touched His face; gently tracing the outline of His eyebrows and lips, and stroking His beard….I remember the TEXTURE of His beard….coarser than His hair which is really soft….. He rested His cheek against my hair and we just stayed like that; listening to pastor together…. I was just BASKING in His glory and in His Presence…There was NO PLACE in the universe better than where I was..IN HIS ARMS!! I felt so SAFE, and PROTECTED, and COVERED..I felt……”HEDGED IN” by His love and His power!!!!!

Like NOTHING could touch me, because there was NO ONE and NOTHING more powerful than Him….and He loved me and would protect me!!!

And the moment continued into an increasingly sweet, intimate time with the Lord… just as He has originally been seeking with her when He’d prompted her to buy the veil. What a beautiful and holy moment!

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6 thoughts on “Hedged In

  1. Amanda E

    This is my favorite testimony because my spirit bears witness to this. That Misty Edwards song is one of my favorites too! It’s hard to find words to describe how I feel about this one. It just leaves me speechless. It makes me want to go get in my prayer closet and press into Him even more! It makes you desire and long for more. Such a sweet intimacy with this one!

  2. reyna

    Amazing. This ministered to me so much. As I read and played the music I felt so strongly to pull out my very first scarf 🙂 rivers of refreshing. I placed this over myself, prayed in the spirit and just allowed the Lord to wash over me. His love is and was so tangibly thick. No doubt that this story along with so many others have blessed the multitudes. He just craves us so much-it’s intoxicating to be with Jesus!!!!!

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