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Lisa’s special order (45×90 8mm china silk) “Blood” flag confirmed a couple of visions the Lord had given her – she share’s the visions and the scarf story and I’ve included a video of the flag.


Since the very beginning of my walk with Jesus; He has impressed upon me the power and atoning work of His Blood shed for my sake. It is through His precious Blood that I am now forgiven, cleansed and able to enter His Presence. It is because of His Blood that I now belong to Him….. And it is with His Blood that I come against the enemy!

He has shown me several visions of Him shedding His Blood….scenes NOT from any movie or Passion Play; but from His ACTUAL crucifixion. Suffice it to say that these were traumatic and powerful encounters for me both because of my great love for Him; and the powerful realization that He would have done it all…….just for ME.

First Vision

One time He showed me a vision of Him chained to the whipping post…I was at my church at the time, worshiping under the big cross….on my face in His presence. I did not see the Roman soldiers who were there; all I saw was the whip sailing through the air, digging into his back and tearing out long strips of skin as it was pulled back by an (unseen) hand. In the vision; He screamed (at the pain) and I screamed also…(in fact, so loudly that I was sure later that I had actually screamed in the physical, but it turned out I had not!) I then THREW myself across His wounded back, between Him and the whip, wrapping my arms around Him and shielding His back with my own body while screaming…”NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” I felt His warm Blood dripping down my cheek as I pressed my face against Him…….

Immediately, the vision shifted….almost like turning a page in a book….Now He was hanging on on the cross! I was on my hands and knees at the foot crying hysterically…..There was so much blood dripping off Him that it was running down the cross… He looked down at me, right into my eyes….and He pushed Himself up on the cross…obviously in horrible pain and struggling to just breathe…..He spoke to me and simply said….”This is how much I love you!” At this, I was back in the “natural”…but STILL on my face under the cross crying hysterically…..I could still FEEL His Blood on my cheek, and was surprised when I touched my face and it did NOT come away red!

Second Vision

We know that His Blood covers us and acts as a shield against the enemy…and He once showed me this also.  I was actually a very young Christian at the time, and was just learning about Him and the power of His Blood to protect us. I was with a mentor in a little place called “Alba House”. It is actually a Catholic grotto, but it is pretty and peaceful and we often went there to pray and just talk.

We were praying in the little chapel, and as we stepped outside, I looked down and saw something on my arm. Thinking it was just the light, I stepped back into the chapel to check, and did not see it. As I stepped back outside, it reappeared! Holding my hands out in front of me, I looked at them and my arms which looked as though I had stuck them in mud or clay that had then dried on my skin. I looked at my friend, and saw the same thing on her face and arms! I asked Jesus….”Lord! What is this?” and He immediately gave me the revelation that THIS was the way His Blood looked COVERING us in the  spiritual realm! I was FLOORED!

These are but 2 examples of many visions, words, and confirmations…..His Blood has been a CONSTANT since the beginning…even starting with my very FIRST veil from Meghan; “Shed For You“.

A “Blood” Flag

Jesus spoke to me about purchasing a “Blood” flag…to declare the power and authority of His Blood in the spiritual realm. I had been using a metallic red flag (Which also stands for His Blood) but now I sensed He wanted to make a stronger declaration. I had found one example online, but did not feel His peace to order it….instead, I was led to inquire of Meghan if SHE could make it for me. “The Blood” is the result.

He (AGAIN) completely blew me away with it. The red dye had soaked through some of the white areas of the flag; and Meghan had originally thought that might be a problem. but NO! Jesus said when He was carrying His Cross to Calvary, the soldiers put His robe back on Him after His scourging. The light colored material of His robe stuck to the open wounds all over His back, and His Blood seeped through, staining the fabric. (I was just sitting holding the flag in my hands and listening to Him with tears running down my face) Jesus said the flag looked EXACTLY like His robe had looked on that day….. (It bore strong witness with Meghan also when I shared this with her)

The oil used to anoint the flag was Scent Of Heaven’s “Atoning Blood“…and Jesus drew my attention to the ingredients used to create it….and the parallels to His life. Sandalwood…which takes 30 years to mature for harvest (Jesus was 30 when He began His earthly ministry.) It is harvested by being CUT and BRUISED..(.as He Was with the beatings and His scourging!) Then a rose known as “Rose of Sharon” (One of Jesus’ names IS “Rose Of Sharon”!) and finally…. Myrrh…..first given to Him as a gift at His birth and then finally used to anoint His body for burial.

He is SO AMAZING! He never ceases to leave me HUMBLED, SHAKEN and OVERWHELMED with the depths of His love and His sacrifice….. To think that He loves us…(loves me) this much… I cannot comprehend WHY He loves me so much…..I pray The Holy Spirit would help me love Him back as much and as FAITHFULLY and as RADICALLY as POSSIBLE…….I want to be completely overwhelmed and CONSUMED both by His sacrifice and by MY LOVE FOR HIM!

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6 thoughts on “Blood Flag

  1. Amanda E

    I’m sobbing right now. I’m totally speechless. Please tell Lisa thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this. I can see what she was describing especially the flag being his robe that day. I’m just speechless…to say thank you, Jesus just doesn’t seem nearly adequate enough. I’ve got to go get in my prayer closet & talk to Him. Thank you Lisa for sharing this!!!!!

  2. Julie

    I have the same reaction …speechless. It takes your breath away (story and the flag). We’ve much to be grateful for and I don’t acknowledge it near enough.

  3. Amanda E

    Ah, another one that makes me cry again. I’m so glad Meghan you have the blog so we can all go back and read/watch these testimonies. I absolutely LOVE this flag and the power the Lord’s anointed it with. This is such a blessing.

  4. Elaine

    what powerful visions these were. I amso Thankful for His love for us and His sacrifice for us! Thank you Jesus!!!

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