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This story had me in tears – I love how God moves 🙂

So my first order from the continent of Asia had shipped and I’d dropped the young lady who’d ordered a note to let her know which scarf went with which person she’d bought a gift for — all I had was names and knew nothing about them.

In my note I mentioned 2 of her scarves were the same as in a new Dyed4you Art image (Follow), one of the scarves was the one to go to her (Faithful Follower) and the other was to another woman (Constancy).  I’d warned her if she wanted to be surprised, she shouldn’t visit the link because there were pictures of the scarves there.

Unable to resist the temptation, she visited the site and was completely blown away.  The Follow image depicts a discipling relationship, the two scarves used in the image were the ones going to her and her spiritual mom!  So the image perfectly described their relationship and the scarves that God had given me for each of the correlated to the image without me having any idea.

Here’s her exact words:

Oh my gosh! God is simply sooooooo amazing!

I could not help peek at the link you sent me and it blew my mind! She is my SPIRITUAL MOM!! And she is the one who introduced me to my church and she is my constant guide through this journey of discovery! She is moving to Australia in June and this is going to break my heart! But I just can’t get over the relationship between our scarves! And so grateful for this to be a parting gift to her!

Praise you Lord! Thank you Lord!

3 of 7 scarves that headed to UAE

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6 thoughts on “Scarves & Art (Follow)

  1. Julie Britton

    I love this story – what a fabulous link these scarves represent. They will have these beautiful remembrances of one another as they start new seasons in their lives. I suspect they will be a comfort to each of them.

  2. Amanda C.

    As you know the scarves have reached Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates safe and sound. My spiritual mom received her scarf today and loved the colors. She was in complete shock and was amazed that all I gave you were just names. Her hands were trembling as she read the letter and she was tearing up but as we were in a restaurant (yes, I know not an ideal place to have given her the scarf but I just couldn’t keep it from her any longer!) she held back.

    She promises to write her comments soon. Thank you once again! God bless you and your family.

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  4. Dawne Itnyre

    It never ceases to amaze me how God touches people through your work. His love comes out in the neatest ways! Your scarves are like personal love letters from God speaking directly into each persons life. I pray you are richly blessed! Thank you for being an instument of God.


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