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God Revealing His Love

This scarf story you’ve heard a bit about from the woman who gave the gift, but this story shares the impact from the gift recipient 🙂

God has been ministering to me for the past 3 years or so about his love. It is an amazing thing to discover and unfold. Once you think you understand it, He reveals more to you. I was studying the Song of Solomon and allowing God to speak to me about His love for me within the Lover and Beloved’s relationship.

My friend from work kept telling me she had something for me. When it arrived, she told me to meet her before work so she could give it to me.

I opened it and couldn’t get past reading the verse I was crying so hard. The name of it is flawless and the verse is Song of Solomon 4:7 “All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” AH! I get choked up all over again thinking about it. To hear these words from the Father spoken over me…is the greatest thing in the world. He continues to speak His love over me and remains the lifter of my head.

There is truly none like Him. Thank you for your obedience.

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4 thoughts on “God Revealing His Love

  1. Awww! Our Daddy is so lavish with His love!

  2. I have not met Megan or seen any of her work in person. However I have talked with her on the phone. I was touched by her love and passion for the Lord and what she does. I later looked at her website and was so moved by it. Her website is AWESOME, user friendly, extremely informative and anointed. Her colors, scriptures everything is Holy Spirit inspired. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit just reading through her site, video’s and stories. I can’t wait to see, feel and own some of Meghan’s beautiful hand dyed silk. A true gift from the Lord!!!

  3. Ah! i would love to receive the flawless scarf…will add to my wish list! 🙂
    I do believe that all of us need to hear that we are flawless! And in His eyes WE ARE! Thank you Father!

  4. Wonderful!! There is none like him. His banner over us is love

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