Working with a Big Wing

The video below gives some basics on how to work with a full-sized Dyed4you wing.  Here I’m using a 45×108 semicircle in 8mm china silk with a wing seam added. It uses a 48″ dowel, which can be purchased from someplace like Home Depot.

If you haven’t watched my Wing Basics video – I suggest starting there 🙂

Thanks to my dear hubby Allen for filming 🙂

One other helpful link: 411 on Wings

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6 thoughts on “Working with a Big Wing

  1. tami

    The large wing is awesome. But I don’t think i could use this one. I am only 5′ 1, short, 🙂
    Plus i would need a larger house. But I love the way it moves, it is just gorgous!!! I love the sounds that it makes. God bless you!

  2. Meghan W.

    The altered wing is definitely a more manageable size especially if you’re not used to using one! If you got an altered one in the 8mm weight (instead of the 5mm I show in my example), it would still make this sound 🙂

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  4. Karen Douglas

    so glad this is here so I could watch it before my wing gets here. was good to hear your voice too Megahn.


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