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Color Meanings

I got an email today from someone who was a bit confused because she’d been to a number of color sites (including Dyed4you’s color chart) and found differences in meanings. It’s understandable how that could seem confusing!  And since searches for “biblical colors meaning” and “prophetic color meanings” are some of the top searches that bring people to Dyed4you, I thought it was a good topic to address 🙂

As I prayed to think of a way to explain this, the parallel I got is that God uses colors like we use words – in the sense that He is saying something.  I may use the word “cool” to mean:

  • temperature
  • that I’m ok with something
  • or describing someone I like

And yet it’s all the same word.  To describe temperature I might also say “chilly”, I might just say “ok” if I’m ok with something, and I might describe a person I like as “fun”. So is “cool” wrong and “fun” right?  No it depends on context and what’s being said.

I say all that to say that in the end, God uses color as a means of communicating – but the primary purpose of His communication is about relationship, not about transferring information.

For me personally, when God shows me a color, I may start with the list I keep (because it’s ways that He’s used them with me before) and sometimes He highlights one of the meanings to me and so I know that’s what He’s saying.  But sometimes nothing is highlighted. Then I have to press in – “what are you saying Lord? Is it a new meaning?”  Sometimes it is a new meaning, or sometimes He might tell me to visit someone else’s color chart and He highlights one there. Or He might have an intercessor randomly contact me and tell me!  He’s a big God and very creative 🙂

What I find is that many people get frustrated with the process of finding out and so they give up or think God doesn’t want to tell them.  Let me put that lie to rest – he ALWAYS wants to tell you, He just may want you to dig a little. 🙂

If you want to know why He might do that, I explain it in this post: Gelah Raz (Revealer of Mysteries)

Hopefully, you found this helpful!  Bless you 🙂

View the color chart on Dyed4you

19 thoughts on “Color Meanings

  1. Excellent Meghan!!! I find that God speaks to me a lot with purple and gold… Love this article.

  2. I LOVE this post! This is one of the best explainations of “colors” that I have come across and I very much agree. I know that the Lord speaks to all through colors in so many ways . . . through visions, music, art, discerment and other modes of communication.

    I love this statement, “… God uses color as a means of communicating – but the primary purpose of His communication is about relationship, not about transferring information.” It is not about the “most right” meaning of a color, it is what God is revealing in that color to you!

  3. Thanks for clarifying!

  4. Wow Meghan! I really loved looking at the color chart and seeing all the different meanings the Lord has revealed to you. It makes me even more excited to see Cassidy’s streamer! Thank you for your amazing ministry!

  5. Great post Meghan. I agree with you…. God always wants to tell us.

    What a lovely way He chose to talk to you about color meanings -words. I must admit, that helped me get a fuller meaning. Very cool… or maybe I could say… very fun 😉

    Side note: Just watched a Discovery Channel documentary on sight. It stated the human eye can probably distinguish 10 million colors! Can we even imagine how many colors He has?! He must love color. He has a lot to say, has a lot He wants to tell us, and has endless ways to communicate it all to us! Love it!

    Blessings to you, Meghan. May He enlarge your capacity for His color and meaning!

  6. No matter what we are talking about it all comes down to our Personal relationship with Christ and how we talk with Him about things! Just LOVE your explanation!!! Thanks Meghan!

  7. This is so true. At our church we use flags. When the rainbow flag is being used, sometimes to us it means all the facets of God’s greatness, other times the same flag may mean his promises. Thank you for the explanation.

  8. Thanks Meghan! This sure helps. The key is to press in…not to stop searching until we are hit by the revelation! Love it!

  9. @Sheila: W-O-W….how many colors does HE have then if we ONLY can distinguish 10 million!?!?!?!? And to think that all the color meanings we are given by Him doesn’t even scratch the surface!!! This is truly one of those Selah moments. HOW does He do it??

  10. This is an Ahhhhhhh, moment for me. I did not even know I was asking the question until you provided the answer :). And of course, it makes sense. He never wants us to get stuck on doing things “our way” or so fixed on a formula someone came up with in a moment of revelation ten years ago (or even ten days ago). He wants us to keep moving in Him and being amazed at Him ~ ’cause He is so much Fun!

    Thank you, Megan, for the eye opening. 🙂

    @Sheila: 10 million colors! WOW! so much to llook forward to ~ Yummy ~

  11. hi the Lord showed me numeres rainbows in a traing time in my life and with your site i found meaning for it in more then ever emagend

  12. As I read this to understand my scarf, God speaking through collor displays his passion for us. As women I believe we are always looking for a better way to express meanings, feelings, tones and the language of color puts all that to rest. God is simple in his creation and beautiful. I feel in this next season God is about to get much more creative in his passion for us!

  13. Hi I just discovered your website and its very nice, I do have a question, the Lord spoke to me about a beaded necklace I made last year, and to learn more about the colors, He had me pick out meanings off your site from the colors- judgment, doves eye, light, pearl of great price, if you can put this together or get a certain meaning, please let me know, especially the judgment, that would be nice, Thank You , Pleasures in his right hand forever, Renee

  14. @Renee, I encourage you to keep talking to the Lord and ask Him to give you the full meaning 🙂 Take a peek at this article and you’ll see why that’s my suggestion…

  15. i love this. i get what you’re saying and it makes so much sense to me – God’s not cookie cutter and he’s always unpredictable … the prophetic moves like water & is constantly in motion. Do you ever feel like you’re moving IN colour? i think that quite a bit when there’s some serious soaking music going on – the sounds & colour go quantum for me. He is so amazing!

  16. I need help with a picture we took a year ago and just really looked at it recently. My husband was lighting candles at the Christmas table at a friend’s home. There is a cloud hovering above him near the ceiling and there is a color we can’t identify, like fuschia or magenta at the center of the cloud but near a light fixture. Would you mind taking a look and helping us identify the color, at least? We would obviously like to understand the significant of that color once identified. If you’ll have a look please email me and I can put an identification in the subject line so you won’t be concerned to open the picture attachment at the bottom. Thanks, Marge

  17. @Margaret – I encourage you that if He’s speaking to YOU through the image, seek Him for understanding not me. He is the Revealer of Mysteries ( take the time with Him and let Him download what He wants to say. 

    God bless you!

  18. Thank you for this post. I just was searching for “prophetic color meanings” b/c someone had complimented me on a power point pres. I did for a celebration at church. They said you know that blue is a prophetic color. Blessings to you. And may we all continue to be open to all the ways God speaks to us: colors, dreams, visions, His Word, creation, and confirmation through others.


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