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Caleb with Swing Flags

I’m almost embarrassed that I previously posted a video with these – LOL!ย  Caleb gives you a better idea of what a pair of swing flags is really capable of… BEAUTIFUL!

Before anyone chastises me for self-deprecating, I don’t mean it that way – I’m not really embarrassed, I know my giftings and currently a pair of swing flags isn’t one of them ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  But I’m still working on it!

View Swing Flags

13 thoughts on “Caleb with Swing Flags

  1. I really like this guy. He’s awesome. Go Caleb.

  2. This is so beautiful !!! LOVE these flags !!!

  3. WOW, Just so amazing and beautiful, very anointed!!! I could feel Holy Spirit with me. Thank you for sharing!!!! I will be able to worship at home very easly with this swinf flags, a little smaller then my large wings ๐Ÿ™‚ love them Meghan, they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. loo… I meant to say swing. I guess my fingers were going a little to fast. Thank you again Meghan and thank you Calab. You are so gifted with the swing flags and the voi’s ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Very cool! I love the way the looked when they were way up in the air! They looked glorious!

  6. I love them too and I’m thinking I just might like them better for my situation than a wing. This video is awesome. Think I’ll watch it again!

  7. @ Julie, I have watched it many times, it is just beautiful to watch him worship!! Very anointed

  8. Caleb ther is a wind of the Holy Spirit moving and flowing with you. The Lord wants unity in the body of Christ where every tribe and tongue and nationality come together as one unified in love. If we could put our differences aside and not see denominnation or race what would happen in the body of Christ and we as the church would stand as one. God is going to use you in a unique way by the power of His Holy Spirit to ย bring about change and unity in the body of Christ through your love for oothers and your Worshiping like David with a heart of Love for others and God and the deep intaamacy you have with your God and King. Deep calls to deep. Step out in faith knowing itis the anointing that breaks the yoke and as you dance and worship the Holy presence of God shall fall and His glory will shine and be seen upon and around about you. Where your feet tod the Spirit of God will flow through you and go with you bringing about revival and change. Healing and restoration will come to the body of Chtist as you go forth in faith and trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding . The colors of these flags are like that of a rainbow and God’s promise that comes with that.

  9. Wow!!! That… was…. AMAZING!!!!!

  10. W-O-W….how can you not feel the anointing, wind, and move of the Holy Spirit from that!? That was heavenly beautiful…leaves me speechless. Caleb, keep doing what the Lord’s having you do. I just keep praying protection over you and those with you in Jesus name.

  11. Sooooo Coooool!!

  12. Incredible. So very beautiful and moving.

  13. How amazing the colors just seem to dance along with Caleb. I love it.

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