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Introducing Swing Flags

Introducing a new Dyed4you product called swing flags. What makes these cool flags unique is that there is no stick and the weight isn’t concentrated (like with the voi) – what that means is, if you hit yourself with them (or someone else) – it doesn’t hurt 🙂  (Unless it’s in the eye or something!)

They have a weighted string running along one corner, which is called the lead corner. You simply hold the actual fabric of the flag on the longer side right where the weighted string stops and swing letting the lead corner pull the flag along.

These can be used in pairs or in singles and are constructed in 8mm China Silk.  Contact us if you have questions or are interested in pricing.

For those of you who have been watching my videos since before I donated my hair (before/after), I’m happy to say it’s FINALLY reached a length I’m beginning to like again! And for those of you who liked it short, feel free to keep that to yourself 😉

The music is Ron John’s Music to Pray By, which is available as a free download – this is Podcast 43 (my personal Fav). If you download it and enjoy, consider blessing him with a donation!

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24 thoughts on “Introducing Swing Flags

  1. BEAUTIFUL! Both the silk and the woman. 😀

  2. My heart is absolutely melting. I love them and how they flow! It’s like freedom flowing through wings 🙂 **sigh** to the “wish list” they go 😉 You look beautiful…you and your hair!

  3. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. They are beautiful Meghan! They would be nice in a tight area, I have hit a few people with my wings, oops :/ I still love my wings, but these are vey nice too!

  5. Wow!!! Really like the swing flags!!! They are beautiful.

  6. wow! they’re gorgeous! really like the way they flow

  7. Yay!!! They look like SO Much FUN!!! Just tonight I hit a table with a flag during worship–and then at another point, I felt I couldn’t get out the flag without hitting someone behind me! They flow beautifully!! I am with Amanda–on the wish list definitely!!

  8. Love…Love…Love.
    How awesome are these. Love the idea and love the look.

  9. What size are the flags for these? this would be so much better to use at my church than the wings I was thinking of getting. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions. Can’t wait to see a video of Caleb worshiping with them. God Bless Meghan.

  10. @Joshua – great question! They’re about 34×44 🙂

  11. Meghan you are so very blessed of the Lord with creativity. These are so beautiful and I LOVE them !!!!!!!!!!!! I do want these and cannot wait to see Caleb use these in Worship. You are just a blessing to me and inspiration in my life !! Your ministry has truly blessed and enriched my life. Love you !!!

  12. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  13. love them…love them….love them!!! Was sharing the new swing flags at church and they are all interested in them 🙂

  14. Meghan, Just shared the video with Emma. You should have seen her little face light up 🙂 I think she liked it 🙂

  15. Beautiful! I think this flag is pushing me to no longer be a spectator:) Amanda has a good idea: wish list. Exciting, indeed.

  16. Oh how Beautiful..I’ve watched the video 4 times in the last few minutes!!!
    And I will No Longer be spectator either!!! 🙂 Love them!!!!

  17. Meghan you did just fine, they are great, I look forward in seeing what comes next!

  18. Hi this is beautiful thanks for the intro I would like to know where can I purchase some flags from if you can please email me the information because I want to perform a pantomime at my church thank you very much and god bless you and your family

  19. Awesome! Great job Meghan! Wonderful concept- our church is small i think this would work perfectly!

  20. amazing, where can I see the colours to choose from???

  21. Good question, Sharon! However Dyed4you is less about us picking a color as it is about the Lord downloading the word He wants declared. Here’s more info on how you order with us 🙂

    Let me know if you have questions!

  22. Where did you get the idea for Swing Flags, Meghan? this is so very cool. i’m asking Daddy if i could purchase a set of these next 🙂

  23. @Christie – From our friend, Caleb Brundidge 🙂
    Wonderful aren’t they?

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