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Ariel at IHOP-KC

Ariel, a friend from church is spending some time our at IHOP-KC (International House of Prayer).  She put out a plea for mail in a video blog (VLOG) a few weeks ago and the Lord showed me a scarf to send her.

How fun to get a shout out in her VLOG after she got it!  Feel free to skip ahead to 3 minutes 15 seconds into the video.  I loved to hear how she too sleeps with her other D4Y scarf!  It amazes me how often I hear that – it’s beautiful how the Lord brings comfort through simple pieces of anointed silk 🙂

So praying for sweet restful sleep and NO MORE nightmares!

If the Lord prompts you, I hope you’ll consider giving support to Ariel at IHOP living a lifestyle of fasting and prayer while being equipped to step into the fullness of the call the Lord has for her.  You can donate online – be sure to select “Ariel Henry Ministry” from the drop-down menu.

Some of you may be familiar with Ariel’s father, Kent Henry, who led worship on six of Integrity Music’s Hosanna! recordings.  You also may remember the scarf story of the scarves that went to her folks 🙂

Donate to support Ariel

3 thoughts on “Ariel at IHOP-KC

  1. What joy! Ariel-what a blessing to be reminded to enjoy the simple things and to stay child-like! Love the rain run……hmmm

  2. I love that the anointing,power,intregrity, love, dedication, team unity & prophetic insight that is D4Y is also part of IHOP ~ multiplication of God’s manifest Presence and Glory. To celebrate our King, as He is worthy of all of our combined best. Grand, just grand.

  3. Hahahaha!!! Rain run!! Yes! Seriously, if you never have,you must! That made me laugh & smile. My friend Tiff is doing Fire in the Night as well so I am sure your paths have crossed at some point. Many blessings to you sister!!

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