Mismatched Wing Pair

Since y’all know we all have “hit the wall with the stick” moments, I decided to give you this video unedited from beginning to end 🙂

Here we have two 8mm semicircle wings – one in the Warrior style and one in Deep Worship. Since they have a couple colors in common, they look beautiful together!

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13 thoughts on “Mismatched Wing Pair

  1. Julie

    Absolutely beautiful! I honestly am not sitting here waiting for the videos! lol Pure coincidence! But I will have to have one more viewing before go! <3

  2. Tonia Gaston

    Lovely! Beautiful! And I actually like the “crack” of the sticks; it accentuates the swishing and whooshing.

  3. Christine P

    I too love the sound of your worship as the sticks meet! It’s like you were breaking things off to go deeper in worship!

  4. Christie

    i hit the side of the TV last night with a stick… a bamboo pole with a wooden knob on the end. eek… i think we need to create and market our own type of housing, that will accomodate flaggers everywhere, every size with a 15′ wingspan. jus’ sayin’.

  5. Christie

    oh! when the sticks clacker together – couldn’t that be the one form of praise that’s just one clap? one of the 7 types of praise?

  6. Tami L

    Just love watching you worship, it is truely breath taking. I love the large wing, I really like using min.. It has been a while. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  7. Tabitha

    Your flagging is cool. Now if you could do it really fast like those who spin fire, it would be awesome. Have you or your friends ever thought of fire spinning? I know, yes it is dangerous if you are prepared.

  8. Meghan Post author

    @Tabith – I have not thought of spinning fire. Interestingly the voi were originally created so that belly dancers could stop having burns from spinning fire. So yeah, I’ll stick with silk… what I’m anointed to use… and leave the needlessly dangerous to others 😉

  9. Jessica S.

    I’m laughing along with you at the end of the video…yep, we all have “hit the wall with a stick moments,” you’re right!!! 😀 Love it!


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