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Delighting Simple Flags

This is a pair of small simple flags (35×84 divided in half with 2 flag seams added).  They’re light and flowing… and easy to use 🙂

The music is Ariel singing in the Destiny Church Prayer Room. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Delighting Simple Flags

  1. Beuatiful!

  2. OK, so those just made me start bawling and I can’t see to type!

  3. Oh so lovely! I really like the light and flowing look those flags have. Thank you Allissa and Meghan.

  4. These were so easy to use!
    I definitely grew attached to them the moment I picked them up!
    Another great and fun worship tool!

  5. I really like these little flags! And that music…wow…that’s good stuff 🙂

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