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Peaceful Beauty

Here’s my sister worshiping with another pair of 45″ quill flags, these are called Peaceful Beauty. I was so glad to get to see this pair, they’re lovely! It’s painful to have to turn around and ship them out today! LOL 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Peaceful Beauty

  1. For some reason, these remind me of a rose. They are Peaceful Beauty.

  2. Soo pretty and peaceful. Very feminine. I know this sounds weird but I hear the word “juicy”. I think it reminds me of this gum I like to chew (which is weird cause I dont like to chew gum) that when you put it in your mouth it makes your tastebuds go crazy and your mouth gets all juicy.
    Psalm 34:8
    Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!

  3. Wow! These are simply gorgeous! I saw these and it reminded me instantly of something the Lord told me.

  4. soooo beautiful!!! I love the color and the flow! I am in love with the quills! what a blessing they are to people who decide to purchase them!

  5. It’s a theme for me today. PEACE. Thank you Jesus.

  6. i love the joy on your sisters face 🙂
    i can nearly smell the fragrance of praise… incredibly beautiful work, as always!

  7. Love these and Love to watch her worship…So much peace.

  8. I was immediately struck by their unique beauty! They are gorgeous looking.

    Your sister is obviusly enjoying the time of worship!!

  9. These are refreshing. Usually the blue/blue-greens are what I think of as refreshing but the simplicity of these is refreshing to me. Beautiful to watch Leslie!

  10. i will agree that these look like a rose…. now…. a peace rose in color would be waaay cool. some day, my friend, i will be able to get some quils… and voi… i would love to have a representation of all of God’s lovely creations of flags! ahhh. peaceful fire. 🙂

  11. Thanks! These move so beautifully! What a joy! 🙂

  12. sweet and peaceful….enjoyed drinking it in just now!

  13. so sweet and beautiful…reminds me of the Rose of Sharon…almost smelled the fragrance and could have if the video was longer :))

    Thank you

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