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Breaking the Barrier LARGE Swing Flags

My Facebook followers were all excited to see this pair in action and they are definitely a WOW!  These are another sneak peek at the soon to be released LARGE swing flags 🙂

This pair is called Breaking the Barrier and the song is called Consuming Fire – enjoy!

View swing flags

11 thoughts on “Breaking the Barrier LARGE Swing Flags

  1. These are absolutely beautiful. I love them. My goal is to have a pair of these to use at church, it’s my favorite way to worship. I miss them when I don’t have them with me. I am always blessed by your videos, makes me want to do better when I’m doing flags.

  2. Definitely make a big beautiful impact! What went through my head when the video came on was “Body, Soul and Spirit” flags. I agree with Jeannie, the video’s are always inspiring and stirring.

  3. Those are some bright and intense swing flags!! Really like them! Allissa you make it look so easy. I get tangled in mine A LOT, lol!

  4. i have just played this video of breaking the barrier to consuming fire as loud as i could in my husband’s house.
    this is the 4th day of the 5th month. very significant.
    and before that i flagged all of the 4th month after resurrection sunday with restore passion at every corporate worship and in my husband’s house!
    i have put scriptures on a bunch of rocks and buried them on the property lines of my husband’s house and put some in a bowl in my husband’s house!
    i have anointed my husband’s house with the promise and the appointed time.
    i am stuck at my husband’s house for a reason!!!!!! thank you, Jesus!!!!!

  5. the flow on those is stunning! agreed with Amanda, i really need to spend some time with mine, watching the tutorial. blessings!

  6. These are so appropriately named! Loved the video. Allissa it was like you were mixing heavenly kingdom with all the elements of natural kingdom. And what a perfect setting and background for such a prophetic happening! There was also a visible increase of grace and worship, and tangible presence. Bless you Allissa and Meghan!

  7. absolutely stunning!

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  10. […] Swing Flag – A rectangular silk with a weighted string sewn into one corner (called the “lead corner”) so that when in motion, the lead corner “pulls” the silk along to create the flag motion. […]

  11. Stunning, simply stunning!

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