The Blood 35″ Quills

These are 35″ quill flags called the Blood. You saw my hubby with a pair of 45″ round quills earlier in corporate worship as well as a large banner flag.  These are always powerful silks!

Music by Jimmie Black

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9 thoughts on “The Blood 35″ Quills

  1. Tonia Gaston

    Impression of ministry to such a deep place from these silks and you Meghan…like deep within my spirit. Really impressive and for sure the Blood still speaks.

    Felt like I should watch it again, and as I did I realized what the ministry was…healing for those who have been betrayed…..healing that “gutted” feeling and emotions.

  2. Karen Douglas

    @Tonia, I definitely agree, I also see healing for the places that are buried so deep, you dont know there is a wound there…….


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