Deep Calls Unto Deep

This beautiful pair of 45″ round quill flags is called Deep Calls Unto Deep.

The music is Misty Edwards live from Kansas City IHOP.

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13 thoughts on “Deep Calls Unto Deep

  1. Margie

    Pretty! I like to think that the sound the flags, banners, or whatever makes are the wings of angels joining in on the worship 🙂

  2. Linette

    There’s such a sweet anointing on this. I feel like I am in the depths of the ocean… I am surrounded by water, amazed by the world my eyes are seeing. I can breathe, I can hear everything around me, specially the waters moving… It’s such a strange and awesome feeling at the same time!! Wow… These are marvelous!! I’m loving them!!

  3. Tonia Gaston

    Agreeing with all the above comments and I truly find them oh so lovely…such a precious anointing.

  4. Anonymus

    Deep calls unto deep. So quickly takes you into the presence of the lord. Brings me to tears. That’s where I long go deeper and deeper with the lord.

  5. Judy Senesac

    Now I know why I would cry when I saw these – I wished but didn’t want to get my hopes up. I knew the surprise would be wonderful no matter WHAT I ordered and now I understand. I am writing the story and I will send to you. Ladies I am blown away by how God is using these and they showed up last night after a very hurtful day… 🙂

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