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My Voi

I just made myself a pair of 35×84 voi – the word is still being birthed but I do love them!  Their color inspiration came from Passion Fire only plum has been added… eager to hear what Holy Spirit downloads on them 🙂

Music is Misty Edwards live from the IHOP-KC prayer room.

View 35×84 / voi weights

16 thoughts on “My Voi

  1. Beautiful. Love watching you. Soooo peaceful. And into Him!

  2. To me it was intimately sensual in the purest form. Just lovely and makes me want to run into Him in the hidden place.

  3. They look so fun…love the colors!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Wow…
    How did the idea of making voi as a D4Y product come about? I read/watched one of your posts on poi with the fire. is this something unique to your ministry (if i asked this before, i’m sorry, i don’t remember!) I love the fluidity… it just looks so different.

    and YAY IHOP!

  6. @Christie – Someone who’d been exposed to them in belly dancing asked me to pray about creating a Dyed4you version. Since I’ve posted a how-to on making them I’m not sure if I’m still the only one creating them for worship of the Lord, but I believe I was the first 🙂

  7. Royal passionate fire!! Kingly purity birthed thru and protected by Fire!

  8. He is dancing over us, around us, amongst us and thru us. lots of impressions….

  9. So beautiful ! Love the colors & how they look in motion :o) It is holy passionate fire…Thank you Meghan !

  10. When I see this I’m reminded of oil, fire, intimacy, covenant, baptism, and I heard the word “delights” and “Eden”. I had done a word search on Eden before and basically it means pleasure it’s root means delights. This reminds me of Psalms 36:8 and Song of Songs 5:1.

    The whole feel of this one comes across as a joyous/giddy abandonment between the bride and the bridegroom. All those “beauty treatments” Esther went through prepared her for the king. The more we continue to walk in Jesus after the Spirit is like soaking in oil. When you come in contact with His passion for you, then you are just all lit up, consumed by this fiery passion.

    That’s how these vois came across to me and what witnessed to me about them 😀

  11. Meghan me fecina tu tecnica y tu genersidad al brindala es hermosisimo el efecto que esta danza nos brinda…felicitaciones

    (Meghan, I love your technique and your generosity to share it. It’s beautiful the effect this dance gives us… Congratulations)

  12. Just gives me such a feeling of contentment to watch this video, and a feeling that the Lord is so pleased and content with you Meghan. That good feeling of being at home and at peace.

  13. So very gratifying to behold…must be heaven sent.

  14. pure beauty in spirit, soul and body, picture of being one with Beloved!

  15. […] Voi (Veiled Poi) – A silk (typically either a 35×84 or 5mm semicircle) that ties to a weight which is affixed to the end of a chain with a handle on the other end. […]

  16. The is awesome, I feel this lord has been pulling me in a different direction when it come to my flagging. I have been really interested in the swing flags and the Poi Lately.

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