Happily Distracted by Silk

A quick video snippet from this weekend at church.  My little buddy (who you’ve seen before) had an allergic reaction to something someone had fed him. After we prayed and had done all we could do, we simply had to wait. And nothing keeps my buddy Isaiah happier than some silk 🙂

So I took the 35×84 (with tassels) off my neck and it became his billow, his garment… his happy distraction!  Thought we’d share a glimpse into this sweet moment… and yes, he is totally fine now 🙂

View 35×84 / tassels

16 thoughts on “Happily Distracted by Silk

  1. Linette

    Wow. We are like this. We are His little children. We love to play under our Father’s covering; we are so secure in His arms! We don’t even mind if He sees us half naked, He knows us completely!! He won’t ever give us anything we can’t endure.

    We love you Abba.

  2. Prayunceasing

    More than a mere distraction, he truly came under Abba’s healing wings as he “played ” with the silk. How awesome that this young one is growing up, seeking the presence of the Lord.


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