Burnout Scarf

This is a fun special order item – a burnout scarf!  This size is a 15×60 with another 7″ of fringe approximately and it is in a style called Shroud.  These feel so luxurious – for an approximate price idea check out out crepe fringes.

Below is a picture of this silk and to the right a different burnout silk we did (same size) called the Violent Take It By Force.

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12 thoughts on “Burnout Scarf

  1. Stephanie O

    I love the burn out style! It’s so pretty and the fringe just adds so much to it! They’re just lovely!!! 🙂

  2. railyn

    jusy so Bbeeeautiful maghen i can tell you how mean times i ve found my self under my banners prostraed before yahweh an his prisens so a head skarf so awsome just love 🙂 love an shalom

  3. Linda Ayer

    Burnout scraf is so pretty… as all of Gods creations are that God gives you to do….you are very blessed to have such a unique bussiness and talent. I love your work!

  4. Gina Osterloth

    The “burnout scarf” caught my eye and I couldn’t get enough of it. Of course, I love all your scarfs. But even more I love the anointing on them. I love how just looking at them radiates the presence and essence of God. The words and God inspired and the stories build hope encourage tremendous faith.
    I am so blessed to have found this ministry and be privileged enough to be able to follow it. I love all the comments and blogs. God bless you. Thank you for who you are and your vision and mission in Christ.


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