XLR Quills and 14×72 Stonewashed Silk

Joshua using a pair of XLR quill flags called Transformed (you’ve seen him with these before) during their church service while he’s wearing a 14×72 stonewashed silk called Hunger & Thirst.  You can also see his Holy Fire swing flags on the table in the foreground 😉

View quills / stonewashed silk

26 thoughts on “XLR Quills and 14×72 Stonewashed Silk

  1. Michelle

    These Quills are beautiful! I saw the video and love how Joshua has mastered the movements of these flags as the Holy Spirit guides him.Most wonderful and a blessing to see.Spiritually moving!I wanted to ask if anyone has come up with an instructional video on the different movements from simple to these amazing complicated movements for the XLR quill flags?I would be ever so interested in learning these movements.I love my XLR Quills that you sent me and have been practicing with them.At first I would get a little tangled as I’m not yet an expert with LRG flags.I’m also much better with one flag instead of 2.Please if Joshua has a how to video lol,or is Dyed4you has some how to I would LOVE to learn and become more familiar and comfortable with these types of movements.Thank you so much for blessing me with these flags and for sharing this video.The flags are truly a blessing to everyone 🙂

  2. Jenny

    AMAZING!!!! So powerful and graceful…I love to see people who are so naturally able to worship with flags/dance.

  3. Kimberly B

    You are called to Go to the Nations young man wait and see what God does in your life and the places He will take you when you are entering into His gates with praise and thanksgiving. The sweet aroma of the presence of the Lord is released when you are dancing before HIM your God and King. Healing and restoration and salvation shall come upon the people as the presence of the living God comes and His glory falls upon the people and His presence fills the room. Blessed be the name of the Lord !! In his presence is fullness of Joy and we are changed from glory to glory !!! God bless you !!!

  4. Tanya

    Beautiful flags.. I don’t have opportunity to see many male flaggers.. it’s beautiful!! Thank you for posting it. Definitely need to see more men rise up .. I think it would be an honour to have men flagging alongside me. We stay in our little boxes far too much.

  5. Nickol from PropheticWorshipBanners.com

    The ColorGuard is a military standard bearer. He stands weaponless except for his army’s banner in front of his army and before the enemy. This is a man’s position.

    Women do it because men will not. (This was my last answer to a man who loved the banners but would not pick them up because it was feminine.)

    I love his dance before the Lord. It is beautiful and free. God Bless this fearless, humble warrior who will display masculine dance in worship.

  6. Vanielle

    Joshua – amazing! You are the man!
    Nickel – thank you for sharing about the standard bearer, I may have to use that sometime 🙂

  7. Aisling Beatha

    Amazing and powerful. I’m with Michelle it would be great to have more “how to” videos from somewhere, I love the one you have shared Meghan. I learn a lot from watching various people’s videos of them just moving with their flags and trying to recreate a particular move I want to grow into, but sometimes it is difficult to work out just how it goes together.

  8. Christie Ratcliff

    Meghan – this cracked me up again. It’s morning and my contact lenses are a bit foggy. I was glancing over the blog pictures just now and KNEW that these were Transformed flags before I even really had a look.

    I need to dig into this a little more to determine why this style has had such a mad, wonderful, beautiful impact on me. So funny that I can always spot them.

    While I’m certain that this is color applied to my -own- transformation in the Spirit, I’m still so curious as to what He’s telling me through this… and what fun He’s having, putting me on this rabbit hole path.

    TEE HEE!

  9. railyn

    ya joshua you so need to do a how to video i cant seem to get my banners to move like that wow my brother just so awsome to watch. where with you in this battel joshua praise yahweh an yahshua bless you love an shalom 🙂

  10. Heather Stirn

    Absolutely love seeing him worship with such passion and such wholeheartedness! The quills he is worshiping with are so very heavenly!!!

  11. AJ

    Come on bro!! Love how you move. When you flag it so excites the Spirit into movement! It’s an honor to stand with you as a man on the battlefield!

  12. Joshua Connell

    Blessings to all of you for the wonderful and heartwarming comments. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to worship the Father as I do and to be granted the ministry that He has also given me. And by the amount of people asking I guess I shall attempt a “how-to” video!

    @AJ thank you brother for the gracious words. I am honored as well to warfare alongside you, we may be a distance apart but in the Spirit we stand side by side for the Kingdom.

  13. AJ

    Revisiting and watching this again there is just such power on it.
    Joshua I saw you standing on the shores of a vast ocean. The water was lapping at your feet. Then you began to move with the water, swaying with the push and pull. Then suddenly the scene changed and you were standing on a field that stretched for miles. And all around you was a cloud of fire. As you danced and twisted the fire, which had been very still (I know, an odd picture for fire) began to dance and twist as well. The ocean represents peace. And the fire violence. Both are places where the Holy Spirit resides. It is in the midst of tranquility that God moves you. He clothes you in peace, and movement is your response. In the midst of your response, the holy spirit is moved into a violent whirlwind. This catalytic equation results in two things. First, it puts to rest every lie that the enemy whispers in your ear. When you live in the midst of peace, you weild your greatest weapon. Second, the response you cause in the Spirit of the Father, sets into action a fury that devours your foes on all sides. You are protected. This purging of the atmosphere around you creates a vacuum for the Glory of God to invade where the enemy’s strongholds have just fallen. You partner with the spirit to forge a path that His glory can invade hearts and lives. You are a glory steward. And you steward it well.

  14. Kayla

    I really had to come back and watch this again a few times. There is such a beauty and a grace and such POWER! I really love watching this video.


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