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D4Y Centerpiece

You’ve seen a similar pair of LWH quills (large wing heavy – aka 8mm weight – quills) before, they’re called Revelation of the Hidden Things.  We’re actually about to officially introduce this size/weight into our regular product line because we like it so much!

But I digress! This was a fun video that includes this pair of LWH quills as the centerpiece of this beautiful corporate worship!!!  I trust you will enjoy 🙂

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14 thoughts on “D4Y Centerpiece

  1. Couldn’t take my eyes off the D4Y quills, they just stand out so much.

  2. What a beautiful piece. The quills and the video of worship. Perfect song saying come to God, when we come to Him He will reveal the hidden things. Amen. Thanks for sharing .

  3. So Beautiful!

  4. Whoa!!!! Definitely one accord going on there! <3

  5. soooooo beautiful, 🙂

  6. All for His glory! It was an awesome time of Worship that day.

  7. I would have loved to have been there in person to experience the anointing that was on that dance! 🙂

  8. Absolutely beautiful!!

  9. Awesome worship and the quills are beautiful!!

  10. Enjoyed watching the worship! I agree that the D4y flags really stand out!

  11. Loved it! And LOVE the quills!!! 

  12. Wow !!! That was so beautiful…. those quills really do stand out, love them !

  13. so beautiful ladys an just love to see how big are yah is through are banners of praise yahweh an yahshua bless you guys beautiful maghen love an shalom 🙂

  14. […] the “normal” (for quills) 5mm weight. I LOVE these quills!  I know I’ve done sneak peeks on the soon to be officially announced LWH, but this slightly smaller size (view size comparison […]

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