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Under His Loving Wings L Quills

UnderHisLovingWingsThese gorgeous silks were hand-painted by Margie Puckett of Unhindered and Unashamed.  You’ve heard me talk before about why it matters who makes your flags (and if you missed it I suggest giving it a peek!), let me tell you – Margie is the real deal! I actually got to meet her because, like Dyed4you, Unhindered and Unashamed works with our friend Nickol at Prophetic Worship Banners to have her silks quilled 🙂

What was fun is without either of us knowing, at the same time Father began prompting us to create for the other one. I love how Abba works!  Below is a pic of her package from me and below that is video of my beautiful gift from her. We both were VERY blessed – yay God!!! 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Under His Loving Wings L Quills

  1. LOVE

  2. Abba is truly amazing. His timing is always perfect. Beautiful silks, and highly anointed craftsmanship. Shalom and blessings

  3. Oh man i’m so jealous lol!!!! Just kiidding, but man they are lovely!

  4. Beautiful…love the name and the colors

  5. really lovely…..the colors are so vibrant and beautiful…..watching the video was somehow very soothing and calming for me…..thanks for posting this….I guess I needed this more than I knew……

  6. on the picture on fb it looks like pink angel wings in a blue sky

  7. OOOOOO, Those are so pretty! Margie does amazing work!

  8. very nice maghen just bbbeautiful love an shalom 🙂

  9. I love those so much, Margie IS the real deal!
    I prayed for an artist to take over the few hand painting orders I would accept and when she contacted me I felt she was the one He had brought. He is blessing our unity and I am so glad that the unity is contagious!
    I cannot decide between her designs, each is more blessed than the next. If anyone is ordering from her I recommend that like Dyed4you, just order the size you want and let Margie hear from the Holy Spirit. I got an amazing Revival Dove flag that way, it was exactly what the Lord wanted to say to me and the Spirit bore witness!

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