Special Order Tallit

SpecialOrderTallitHere we have a special order 35×84 8mm tassel tallit in the Divine Authority style. This was created at the request of a customer after the Father showed it to her in a dream. She LOVED the final product! Her response is below:

My mail didn’t come Sat. until after I had left. When I arrived back home, I gathered my mail with great anticipation…envelopes of mail and two larger envelopes (just a little larger). Nothing large enough to hold the exquisite silk of my hopes…I thought I would wait until Sun. to open the mail, because I was meditating on the Word that fed me earlier… @ 3 a.m., on my way to bed… I thought I should look at this white envelope…to my surprise- there it was!!!

My silk Tallit, the one that YHVH had shown me in the heart of my spirit!! Oh rapturous joy!! I put it on and prayed, a lot-I made myself not cry for fear of staining the precious prized gift! A vision made manifest! When I finally folded it carefully and hung it on a special purple hanger, I could still feel it on and around me! Thank you is not enough to hold the feelings I have – I love you

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6 thoughts on “Special Order Tallit

  1. Kayla

    oh wow. That is so beautiful!!! I love the testimony too. These silks are so much more than cloth they are a conduit for grace and love. i don’t think I have heard of one person not being so blessed by a D4Y silk. Bless you Meghan and everyone who is involved with D4Y!!!


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