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How-To Flag

Margie Puckett using a pair of Dyed4you MW Quills named SealedGiven how many posts we have with video upon video of flags in action, it is hard to believe we’ve never put together a post like this before! We have our Basics of Using Quills, which is a simple how-to. And we have our How-To Use Swing Flags post as well as the more advanced moves in our Tips-n-Tricks post. We have how-tos on using a banner flag, using a wing, using voi, and even on dancing with silks. But what we didn’t have was basic diagrams for some flag movements.

Thank heavens for our friend Margie Puckett from Unhindered and Unashamed who created the set of diagrams below for just such a purpose! Hopefully these will be helpful for you and your dance teams. Click them to see the full image 🙂

Father Worthy Name Majesty Glory Honor Peace Holy King Hallelujah Jesus Praise Sing Spirit


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  1. What a great resource!!!

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