Blessed by the Sheer Power the Words

This is a beautiful Silk Story from a pair of XLRQ (extra large rounded quill flags) called Honored One (we shared the word for these on my personal blog, Silk: Honored One). It’s always both exciting and humbling to hear feedback like this, but we love to share because to God be all the glory!

Where to begin?! First, I need to give Abba, Yeshua and the Ruach Hakodesh all the praise, honour and glory, for leading me to you and your remarkable team!

Secondly, I am overwhelmed at the integrity, dedication and pure artistry of your entire ministry that painstakingly researches, prays and creates such anointed articles of visual worship.

The flags themselves are a thing of beauty, outstanding in their composition, surpassing my expectations.

What amazed, excited and humbled me, and I’m still reeling from the sheer power of the prophetic words that were spoken over my flags. I am reigning in my emotions right now, as those words and Scriptures come to mind.

Such power, spoken to my spirit, such encouragement when I read about the new oil that was created for this silk, I was brought to tears. How humbling that I should be the recipient of a new silk and a new anointing oil.!!!!!!!!!!! Words cannot express my gratitude to all of you. My spirit is full to overflowing, I pray now that I would honour our Lord, and do justice to your creation, as I dance before Him. I shall not take this opportunity lightly.

As a Messianic dance leader, my prayer is that my team,”Messiah’s Messengers” worship Hashem “ in spirit and in truth” always. Now I embark on a new venture to come before His throne, and offer a new dimension of worship for His edification. I can’t wait!

At my church, my Pastor is very open to the Messianic form of worship. My friend, is the gospel singer there, and I have asked her to sing Misty Edwards song’’” Servant of All”, so that I may worship with “Honoured One”. She happens to love the song ( and I trust your judgment and hers, even though I have never heard it) and so I must choreograph a worthy dance for this wonderful integration of our God-given talents!

Meghan, I pray for you and your family. I pray for all the participants of your ministry, and their families. I pray for Father’s heart Ministry. I pray for June Reinke of prophetic Light, and her family.

May your ministry continue to bless and anoint those who receive your silks, , going into all the world that would inspire believers to worship Abba ,Father in a new, exciting and profound way’ spiritually. May He Bless, Anoint and Prosper you all. Many thanks, you have my deepest admiration

Below is a demo video I shot of these flags 🙂

9 thoughts on “Blessed by the Sheer Power the Words

  1. Shellie

    ❤ this is not a comment for any other reason as I saw the quills had to read about them, what a beautiful story they will bring honor and glory to Abba as well would love to see the finished choreographed peace when it comes forth

  2. Tammy

    Those are beautiful instruments! What a lovely tribute to the workmanship and inspiration behind them. Stunning!

  3. Lisa-Mae P

    It amazes me the prophetic and the oils. I had to read the story to get a glimpse of what my spirit was sensing! Amazing longer and how great the Father’s heart is shown in love, alignment and beauty! Shalom.

  4. Nicole gibson

    Such beautiful flags and a beautiful story to go with it. When see the flags you guys make I feel the anointing. May you all be blessed.

  5. Amy

    Worship takes us,deep into the fathers presence , thank you for pouring your heart into making worship tools that help take us deeper into the fathers presence.


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