Blessing Her Worship Leader

Dyed4you silks make such a fun and unique gift. Sometimes when people may hesitate to order and have us “do whatever God says” for themselves, they feel more confident doing it for someone else and they get to see the blessing these silks and their words can be like this woman shares: 

I was so excited to receive the Spirit-Led dyed scarf we ordered for a friend. It was such a joy to give it to her! She loved it and was so touched by your gift of prophecy and following the lead of Holy Spirit to dye this scarf for her. She had asked to borrow my scarf I ordered from you years ago. She is on the worship team and loved singing with the scarf. I just had to get her one for herself! 
Thank you for sharing your gifts!! 
I have another friend I will be ordering for soon. 
Blessings and more of Him!

2 thoughts on “Blessing Her Worship Leader

  1. Brenda Chamness

    I have gifted several prophetically dyed scarves and I love how the Lord so accurately and graciously leads the process – from the dying to the prophetic word to the oil used to anoint the scarves. Every single one has been powerfully impacting on the recipient! Thanks for using your gifts to touch others such a personal and significant way!


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