Spot On Word

Even after over ten years of doing this, I still struggle with those moments of hesitation when I’m sending something out, and this pair of flags was one of those largely because these flags are SO bright and vibrant, the pattern isn’t exactly my “signature look”, and so I worried when I shipped them whether they’d be welcomed or not. I love how God took the time to remind me to trust Him and that I hear Him through this beautiful testimony which was a kiss from heaven for me. 🙂

I got my flags today! WOW! This was spot on, my life has been so dry and dead, sickness, loss of a marriage, no hopes for a future marriage I have not dated in 10 years and I feel so alone, but this is the word I needed.  I love the colors also! Thank you!

Below is a demo video I took of the flags before shipping them 🙂

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