Meghan’s Collection from Other Flag Ministries

My friend Katt from Victory Hill Flags issued a challenge of sorts that we share our collection of flags from other ministries (This reminds me a bit of a couple posts from 2013: Meghan’s Flag Bag and Nickol’s Flag Bag). So I went live to share a portion of my collection with the following disclaimers LOL 🙂

This list doesn’t include Dyed4you silks made by others (e.g. Larisa, other Dyed4you team members who have dyed with me). Also doesn’t include several that I’ve been led to regift (e.g. Kathy from Wings of Worship, Caleb Brundidge), and I’ve only included one example from each of the ministries/individuals below simply because of the volume, but I have multiples from several of them. I’ve listed them in approximately the order they were received. Some of the names were specifically given, and some were derived from the words that came with them.

With that said, here’s the ones I shared as well as where they came from.

  • Suzanne from Son Dance Ministry – Oceans of Mercy and Grace
  • Nickol from Prophetic Worship Banners – Oceans of Love
  • Andrea from Catch the Fire – armor of God
  • Margie from Unhindered and Unashamed – As It Is In Heaven 
  • Tasha from Standard of the Lord – Alabaster
  • Claire and David from Called to Flag – Living Water
  • Rebecca from Dyeing at the Altar – Fresh Oil and Fire
  • Katt from Victory Hill Flags and Banners – Sea of Inheritance
  • AJ – Holy Inspiration
  • Christina from Wings of Mercy Arising – Father’s Heart
  • Ann from Vertical Edge Dance – Storm Be Still
  • LaLanya from Dyenamic by Design – Resurrection Power
  • Behind the Veil – Splendor
  • Becky – Behold the Lion

I also thought I’d share Katt’s video since it includes some Dyed4you silks too 😉

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