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Dyed4you Readymade

Order from a selection of scarves and flags that are already dyed and ready to ship out from our Etsy store. Great for last minute gifts!

Silk Scarves

Select a size/fabric and get a prophetic, custom-dyed silk. Sound crazy? Read our scarf stories

Ladies Tallit

Prophetic, custom-dyed, ladies tallit (prayer shawl) with handmade beaded tzitzits and Hebrew lettering.


Swing Flags & Wings

A free-flowing worship tool that can be used individually or in a pair – a weighted piece of silk


Bendie (Wings & Flags)

A stunning silks flow beautifully. They have a sturdy rod that has some flex to it (thus the name bendie) 🙂

Spin Wings

Fun, beautiful worship weapon that gives you freedom and grace in worship.

Banner Flag

Big, bold worship weapon that truly allows you to raise His banner high. These silks attach to telescoping fishing poles for a tall, flexible banner.

Streamer Veils

A versatile worship tool that comes attached to a rod creating a full visual feast, but can also be detached from the rod to be worn or danced with.


A fun worship tool that attaches to a small rod for a full, dramatic effect in a lightweight instrument.




Special Order

In addition to the wide variety we offer on our site, there are other sizes, fabrics, and products available for special order custom-dyeing



Add Hebrew Lettering

Add a scripture or word in Hebrew to your silk – hand-painted on using shimmer

Add Tassels

Add a set of biblical (but non-traditional) matching silk tassels to any silk scarf/mantle.

Add a Silk Bag

This allows you to add a matching or coordinating silk bag with your scarf


Add an Anointing Oil

This allows you to add an aointing oil from the Scent of Heaven to your Dyed4you purchase without having to pay S&H a second time 🙂