Add an Oil

These oils are from The Scent of Heaven (a sister ministry of Dyed4you). I’ve made these available so you can add an oil to your Dyed4you order without having to go pay S&H again on the Scent of Heaven. If all you want are oils – I suggest you purchase them directly from the Scent of Heaven website 🙂

All the Scent of Heaven’s oils use genuine essential oils, not chemically created fragrance oil (which can actually be toxic for you). Harvesting essential oils can be difficult in some cases, and therefore prices range from $0.01 a drop up to over $2 a drop. This makes pricing their blends a little bit tricky sometimes. So what they’ve done is split their blends into two categories: Favored and Cherished.

  • Favored Covenant Oils are ones that are more easily found and harvested – typically those are ones you may smell more often like sweet orange, cinnamon leaf, and lavender.
  • Cherished Covenant Oils are ones that are more expensive and rare, examples are jasmine, patchouli, and neroli.

$10 to add an anointing oil 

You do not have to specify which oil, we are happy to let the Holy Spirit direct the selection.

NOTE: You will receive either a one dram of oil or a sweet petite (half dram) depending on whether it is a “favored” or “cherished” anointing oil (the cherished cost more because of the ingredients in them).

Find out more about adding an oil from this blog post