Banner Flag

Our Banner Flags are made out of 5mm China Silk and come in 2 sizes: regular (above left) and large (above right). Both sizes are approximately 100″ long and are 45″ and 55″ wide respectively. They have serged edges (see our FAQ page) and come either set up for personal or corporate use (if you don’t indicate preference, we will set it up for personal use).

We do not sell the 10′ fishing poles used with these flags (we just sell the silk flags), but they can be purchased online here. They are called 10′ telescoping crappie (pronouced croppie) fishing poles. And we show you how to put your flag on the poles on our blog – again for personal or corporate use.

Please note: as with all flagging items, this should be used with care. Dyed4you is not responsible in the event of an accident while using a banner flag. Use at your own risk.

Banner Flags

  • Regular Banner Flag (aka 45″) – $130
  • Large Banner Flag (aka 55″) – $150

NOTE: Part of what makes Dyed4you unique is the fact that it is not about what you want, it is about what the Father wants you to have. If you have not visited our “How-To Order” post, please do so before giving details in your order. As always, if you have questions please ask!

Wanna see more banner flags in action? Visit our banner flag tag on our blog

Below you’ll find a video showing a regular sized banner flag on top and a large banner flag below. For videos of more banner flags visit our blog.