Spin Wings are made out of 8mm China Silk and come in two sizes: regular and large. Our Large Rounded Spinner (which is like a quarter of an oval) has a small flutter panel rather than a full “tail” like a wing. They all come by default with a silk sleeve for storage and our “capped” rods. Our spinners are 100% Habotai Silk with a light weight and smooth touch. This fabric is what people often call “China silk.” They have a serged edge. A color-coordinated grosgrain ribbon has been sewn on to create a ribbon-reinforced pocket for the capped rod. On the large round the ribbon area extends about 35″ down the 45″ side, and on the wings they extend 29″ down the 55″ side and 35″ down the 72″ side respectively.

What makes these wings so wonderful is they resist tangling because the ribbon reinforced area “spins” around the rod. So instead of having to do figure eight movements with your wrist to keep them from tangling, you are free to move more liberally. They also come in handy if you’re in a crowded area because you can always hold the flag straight up and spin it over your head. 🙂

Please also note: Spin wings should be used with care. Dyed4you/Dyed4you Readymade is not responsible in the event of an accident while using a spin wing. Use at your own risk.

Every once and a while a capped rod will break (typically it happens if the cap hits something wrong and it comes off), if that happens – no worries, it’s relatively easy fix. Here’s more info about that.

Spin Wings (Semicircles)

Regular Spin Wings (RSpW) – approx 35×54″

  • Single regular spin wing – $125
  • Matched pair regular spin wings – $195

Large Spin Wings (LSpW) – approx 45×72″

  • Single large spin wing – $165
  • Matched pair large spin wings – $270

Spinner (Quarter Oval)

Large Rounded Spinner (LSpR) – approx 45×54″

  • Matched pair large rounded spinner – $230


NOTE: Part of what makes Dyed4you unique is the fact that it is not about what you want, it is about what the Father wants you to have. If you have not visited our “How-To Order” post, please do so before giving details in your order. As always, if you have questions please ask!

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Below you’ll find videos showing the various sizes of spin wings/spinners