Scarf Stories

Beautiful Bat Mitzvah!

February 2015 | Scarf Stories

Here are a few picture of the amazing young women at our church that have chosen their path with Abba!!! We were so honored to have dyed scarves for those beautiful young ladies. Some of the styles were Righteous Warfare, Commissioned, Held in His hands, Shema, Healing in His Wings and a few more… you can find some of them in our popular styles or examples pages. And yessss, we can make those styles on any type of flag!!! Be it quill or swingflags or streamer veil or … Well, you get the point ;)   » more »

Shroud… a beautiful testimony!

January 2015 | Scarf Stories, Testimonials

It has been long overdue for a blog and there couldn’t be a better way to start of the new year then with a beautiful testimony by one of my very favorite people!!!! She has received a Talitt in the style Shroud. I love how Abba speaks to us in every circumstance… Enjoy it as she shares :) » more »

A beautiful Testimony

May 2014 | Scarf Stories, Testimonials

I received this amazing email a few weeks ago and simply can’t keep it for myself any longer as I feel how much it will touch and encourage others to have Faith and trust in HIS perfect timing!!!! She had some swing flags, MW quills in Trained Hands, a L veil in Mantle of Favor and many more to list of now but those are the ones  that were in this package. I’m including pictures of what she received :)

» more »

Portal to the Throne Room Banner Flag

March 2014 | In Action (Demos), Scarf Stories

PortalToTheThroneRoomIt is not every day I get to have the Dyed4you Community at large minister to me, but that’s just what you all did and I am completely blessed! I have to start by saying I didn’t know what Father was up to when this started, but it is not unusual for Him to get sneaky and give me a birthday gift (some of you may remember the one He birthed in a dream that got finished literally on my birthday). » more »

Comfort in a Pruning Season

February 2014 | In Action, Scarf Stories

IMG_9049This is a fun scarf story (with pics and video) of a silk that went to Larisa! It is a 35×108 silk (she wears it all the time and the video below is her using it as a L streamer veil). Below she shares the story of her Cherished One silk in her own words: » more »

Free Worship

January 2014 | Scarf Stories

Megan-FaithForTheImpossibleI loved the freedom of worship in these two clips I shot during one of the worship services at my church (PFT) – I couldn’t resist sharing with you all too. She is using a 3 yd streamer called Faith for the Impossible. I keep a good stash of streamers at church because they hold up very well :) » more »

Feeling Covered by Blessing

January 2014 | In Action, Scarf Stories

CoveredByBlessingMWLet me start by apologizing because yesterday I realized that it has been over six months since I’ve posted a scarf story. That’s embarrassing because it is not like I don’t have any to share, I hadn’t had time to do it and now that I have time I have so many to dig through – it’s a tad overwhelming. Among the scarf stories I have to share are several from me, which again is embarrassing because sharing my own stories isn’t that difficult – so again, my apologies! » more »

MW Quills on the Sea of Galilee

June 2013 | In Action, Scarf Stories

flagsongalileeYou got to see this mom using her MW (medium wing) quills called Revelation from the Throne before she left for Israel, but now you get to see them in use in Israel on the Sea of Galilee – she shares her story below (and video below that) :)

» more »

Covered in the Storm

June 2013 | In Action, Scarf Stories

RochelleThis 35×84 silk called Covered by His Feathers that had tassels added truly blessed its recipient upon its arrival. I’ll let her tell you the story herself, but let me just say we serve an AWESOME God whose timing is impeccable and love for us is beyond measure!

» more »

Breakthrough in Worship among Youth

October 2012 | In Action, Scarf Stories

You all may remember seeing AJ before with his swing flags (1st video, 2nd video), which also make a brief appearance in this video… but mostly this video is His pair of 35×84 voi called Prophetic Glory. He also takes the silk off and uses it as a wing as well as dancing with it – all beautiful! » more »

Wall Builder

October 2012 | Scarf Stories

This was a gift purchased by a ministry leader for one of the ministries intercessors… the first intercessor.  She got a 22×72 tassel tallit complete with Hebrew lettering as well as a copy of a yet-unreleased piece of Dyed4you Art called Frontline Warriors (which you’ve heard mentioned before and can see below). » more »

Glory & Healing Anointing

October 2012 | In Action, Scarf Stories

This is a neat story about a pair of swing flags being used at a ladies retreat (video of flags will follow shortly).  There were also several scarves given as gifts at the retreat so we may hear more stories, but in the mean time this is a good one! » more »

Comment Giveaway Winner

September 2012 | Scarf Stories

Congratulations to Pray Unceasingly for their winning comment on the blog!  They won an 11×60 silk named Stand :)

As always, it is EASY to enter our blog giveaways, just leave comments!  You can also win simply by subscribing. » more »

God Answering Her Questions

August 2012 | Scarf Stories

Recently, I had someone order a scarf for someone who is Russian and speaks no English. I have a Facebook friend who is Russian – someone I had never met before, but was acquainted with through mutual friends because she is part of our online church family – and so I contacted her and asked if she would translate for me, which she was happy to do. As a thank you, Father instructed me to send her a silk of her own :)

» more »

Restoring Her Heart & Dance

July 2012 | In Action, Scarf Stories

Lovely testimony on a single swing flag in the Preparing for the Bridegroom design. You saw a pair of these before.

One of the things I love about this testimony is that it touches on a principle I’ve mentioned before, which is that the silk letters are a jumping off point – they’re the beginning of a conversation with the Father, not a conversation in its entirety :) » more »

Encounter Inspires Art

July 2012 | Scarf Stories

One of the newer members of the Dyed4you Community had an awesome encounter after watching one of our “in action” videos – the Judgment Quills.  I love that people can be so powerfully moved by the silk without even touching it!  Father is amazing :) » more »

Dyed4you Canopy

July 2012 | In Action, Scarf Stories

Some of you may remember about 15 months ago the Father had me get rid of my canopy. At the time He let me replace it with a beautiful Dyed4you Art River of Life display including the matching silk. » more »

Kiss from the Father

July 2012 | Scarf Stories

This story is from a mother – former Aglow president – whose son bought her this 14×72 scarf.  This is a beautiful example of how Father likes to minister in those ways that are specific to each of us :) » more »

Wrecked by His Love

April 2012 | In Action, Scarf Stories

You’ve seen this beautiful pair of 45″ quill flags before when my sister demo’d them. Now you get to read the wonderful scarf story and see the recipient worship with them herself :)

She also shares this story on her blog if you want to visit there too! » more »

Victory Beaded Veil

February 2012 | Scarf Stories

This is a fun story for me because I got to be one of the gift givers on it!  One evening the Father began downloading a vision for me of a rather elaborate beaded veil for one of our prayer team members at church.  I felt like it wasn’t just to be a gift from me, but rather from the whole team, and when I shared the idea with them they were totally on board too. » more »

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