Scarf Stories

Preparing for the Bridegroom Giveaway

January 2012 | In Action, Scarf Stories

It’s always fun for me to hear scarf stories on the scarves that are Dyed4you Blog Giveaways!  I love knowing the Father is NOT random. He knows exactly who it’s going to go to even when we don’t! » more »

Twilight Swing Flags

December 2011 | In Action, In Action (Demos), Scarf Stories

It’s always fun for me when I get to be an integral part of a scarf story, and this pair of swing flags has quite a story and they’ve only been completely birthed for just over 12 hours! » more »

Surprise Gift

December 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

This is a long one, but a fun one :) This actually happened this time last year. Amanda came for a visit in October with a couple friends. For months she’d been talking about wanting a 5mm semicircle wing/voi pair and about a month before her parents had contacted me about wanting to get her something Dyed4you as a gift. So I filled them in on what she’d been longing for and planted an idea the Father dropped in my heart – have Amanda dye her own gift without knowing it was for her. :) » more »

Resurrection Celebration

July 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

This is a fun story because there’s lots to share! It starts with a dance team in VT (Living Hope Christian Church) ordering 14×72 scarves to use as sashes and special order 8mm 45×108 silks that were divided in half with 2 flag seams added to make a pair. You saw video I made of one pair of the flags before I sent them out.

Even just from seeing my demo video the team gave an awesome response:
» more »

Fresh Green Pasture with our Shepherd

May 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

This is the story of a woman who received a 35×84 Jehovah Rohi silk as a gift from someone at her church (see video of her worshiping with it in a corporate setting).

On March 20, 2011, I headed to church knowing I would be taking care of the little ones for the day. I ended up having only one child to watch, and she was the pastor’s granddaughter. She loves to worship too, so I took her and we went to the sanctuary to worship! » more »

Breakthrough for Husband Giveaway

April 2011 | Scarf Stories

I’m doing another giveaway! I just made this “man scarf”(aka 6×24) called Breakthrough (same scarf in the Strong in the Lord Dyed4you Art image) and the Lord said it needed to go to a husband of someone in the Dyed4you community. I’m not certain if it will be given as a gift to the husband or used in warfare on behalf of him… but it’s “for” him.
» more »

Promise Over a Husband

April 2011 | Scarf Stories

Scarf stories like this remind me why I love my job! I ask that as you read, you come into prayerful agreement with the word the Lord gave this woman about her husband. And for those who don’t know why this hits so close to home for me, you may want to read my marriage testimony too!

I ordered this scarf because I wanted something to go under my husband’s pillow. Something that would capture him. I really thought I would get a scarf that would kinda tell about who God had planned him to be. Like a proclamation. However I didn’t tell Meghan at all what I wanted this scarf for or why I was ordering it… nor did she ask me.
» more »

Peace Against Warfare

April 2011 | Scarf Stories

This silk was an interesting one because as it was being birthed a song came forth too! So I recorded it and uploaded a video of it with the camera facing the silk. When we looked at the video, a face was apparent in the silk – it was especially funny because several people who DON’T normally see things in the silk saw it because it was so clear.
» more »

Sealed Voi Pair

March 2011 | Scarf Stories

Beautiful 35×84 voi pair made in the Sealed style, which was used in the Swept Away Dyed4you Art.
» more »

Speaking to the Depths of her Being

March 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

A beautiful scarf story from our teacher-friend who had the amazing Class of Scarves story last year.  I covet your prayers for my friend as well – I’m sure the Lord will direct them as you read her beautiful story below: » more »

Letting the Lord Speak

March 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

This is sort of a fun story for me because God stretched me in the middle of it too!  Many of you know that Dyed4you isn’t really just about getting a beautiful piece of silk, it’s about getting a word from the Lord that happens to have a tangible silk reminder :)

Increasingly I sense the Lord shifting me away from simply “executing” creating scarves (in other words, when people simply pick the scarf they want like you would in a department store) and focus on delivering His word in season to those who order.  The interesting part of this is helping first time buyers understand how it all works!  And there in begins our story. » more »

Wait Upon the Lord (Scarf Story x2)

March 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

During Amanda E’s visit this past October, I felt the Lord prompt me that He wanted me (Meghan) to get a word.  So I slipped one into the pre-dye planning with no instructions and left it for Amanda to birth. » more »

Gift from a Stranger

February 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

I love getting to share this story with you all because it demonstrates one of the reasons I love the Dyed4you community so much!  » more »

Surprise Pillowcases

January 2011 | In Action, Scarf Stories

I love to get to be part of blessing someone – so when I got an email from Amanda E that she felt God prompted her to get a pair of pillowcases for a mutual friend, I was thrilled! Here’s her initial response:

The pillowcases are beautiful and the word with with them is so spot on and precious to me. I love the anointing oil one heart because it is literally what god has done in my marriage with my husband and it is truly been a miracle and now God is healing my family and bringing us closer than ever. » more »

Holy Ghost Party

December 2010 | In Action, Scarf Stories

Amanda E called me after leaving this holiday party that the Holy Spirit commandeered – I was SO blessed to hear this story and am thrilled she’s taken the time to write it down to share with you all (with the permission of those who were present of course!). God is AMAZING! » more »


October 2010 | Scarf Stories

This is just a short scarf story about a scarf I made in May called Fertile. When I made the scarf I asked the purchaser (who was giving it as a gift) if she knew if the recipient was trying to get pregnant because it was what I sensed God showing me, but she didn’t know. » more »

Friend(s) of God

September 2010 | Scarf Stories

One of my dear friends, Sheila (who happens to be a prophetic intercessor and one of the future contributors to this blog), came to me and said, “I think Kent needs a scarf.”

Kent Henry has been doing worship for almost as long as I’ve been alive.  He’s led worship on six of Integrity Music’s Hosanna! recordings as well as 22 of his own.  He and his wife Carla are friends of ours, elders at our church, and their daughter happens to be married to our lead pastor :) » more »

Confirmation & a New Song

September 2010 | Scarf Stories

A cool pair of scarf stories :)

It has been quite the day!!!! I woke up to a phone call from my aunt who told me that my grandpa had passed away at 6:45am. I was just overwhelmed with sadness because we were planning on leaving the very next day to travel to see him in the hospital. I was feeling sad not just because he passed away but also because I had not seen him since my mother’s death in 1995. Unfortunately, after my mom’s passing, her whole side of the family basically shut my dad, brother and I out of their lives along with some other pretty horrible things. » more »

Confirmations & Symbolic Sword

September 2010 | In Action, Scarf Stories

God amazes me with each story He writes using these silks :)   Before I share Kim’s story, I have to tell you my part of her story!

Kim shared the few pieces of the puzzle God had given her about her scarf when she ordered and immediately God told me which style to make – a modified version of The Violent Take it By Force. » more »

Melijen meeting Meghan

September 2010 | Scarf Stories

This is a two-part scarf story… kind of like a he said/she said about how I met Meghan.  Be sure to catch the other half too ;) It’s fun to see what the LORD was doing on each side! » more »

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