Mind blowing L quill flags “Suddenlies” testimony

May 2016 | Testimonials

SuddenliesHere’s an amazing testimony from one of the sweetest and strongest woman I’ve had the honor to talk to. One of her spiritual sons’ gifted her a pair of Large quill flags in the style of Suddenlies and I was crying like a baby when she shared what those flags meant for her and her situation. » more »

Glory flags testimony

December 2015 | Testimonials

gloryHere’s an amazing testimony of how our awesome God works!!! Angela has ordered different flags for all her children but those ones are Medium quills in the Glory style she got for her younger daughter and each testimony is mind blowing to me because they’re right on on EVERY little detail. That’s why I keep telling everyone how much this ministry ministers to us just as much, if not more, like it does to the one’s who receive them 🙂  » more »

Mantle of Elijah testimony

November 2015 | Scarf Stories, Testimonials

Mantle of ElijahWOW is the only way I can start this with… She recently received a scarf that a friend of her purchased and the testimony she shares is simply AMAZING! God is just unbelievable how He answers our prayers and is always just IN TIME doing so! 🙂 » more »

Alabaster testimony

October 2015 | Scarf Stories, Testimonials

AlabasterThis is one of the most touching testimonies I’ve read and I couldn’t stop the tears… I was wondering while reading it, how many have had such traumatic childhoods?! For anyone to be healed and restored from such nightmares can only be by the hand of our Heavenly Father. This special Lady has ordered a few different scarves in various styles for herself and others that she blessed them with but this testimony was her very first with us. No matter what the circumstances, let this touching testimony minister to you and encourage you that Abba is in control of it ALL! » more »

Covered by Blessings testimony

October 2015 | Testimonials

We received this testimony a few short weeks ago and every time I read it it brings tears of joy… She ordered banner flags for her and her son and this is just half of the testimony for her personally. She promised her son’s will follow as that is pretty mind blowing as well. The Father is SO good, words can’t ever be enough to describe it. Enjoy this beautiful, touching testimony 🙂

» more »

Beautiful Testimony – Passion Fire Flags

July 2015 | Testimonials

I’ve been meaning to share this beautiful testimony some time ago but then again there are so many that we have … This one is about a beautiful pair of Regular swing flags called Passion Fire. So often it happens that people receive their silk or quill flags or streamer and at first it doesn’t make sense until Abba is starting to reveal himself in His splendor 🙂 » more »

Shroud… a beautiful testimony!

January 2015 | Scarf Stories, Testimonials

It has been long overdue for a blog and there couldn’t be a better way to start of the new year then with a beautiful testimony by one of my very favorite people!!!! She has received a Talitt in the style Shroud. I love how Abba speaks to us in every circumstance… Enjoy it as she shares 🙂 » more »

A beautiful Testimony

May 2014 | Scarf Stories, Testimonials

I received this amazing email a few weeks ago and simply can’t keep it for myself any longer as I feel how much it will touch and encourage others to have Faith and trust in HIS perfect timing!!!! She had some swing flags, MW quills in Trained Hands, a L veil in Mantle of Favor and many more to list of now but those are the ones  that were in this package. I’m including pictures of what she received 🙂

» more »

Righteous Warfare L Swing Flags

February 2014 | In Action (Demos), Testimonials

RighteousWarfareLSwingFlagsThis is a large pair of swing flags called Righteous Warfare. You’ve seen this style before, but the pattern in these was unique so we wanted to share them again along with the testimony that just arrived from the recipient! » more »

Special Order Tallit

February 2014 | In Action (Demos), Testimonials

SpecialOrderTallitHere we have a special order 35×84 8mm tassel tallit in the Divine Authority style. This was created at the request of a customer after the Father showed it to her in a dream. She LOVED the final product! Her response is below: » more »

All About Hearts

May 2013 | In Action, In Action (Demos), Testimonials

WholeHeartThis is a pair of regular swing flags called Whole Heart (which you’ve seen before being worn by a bride). Below you’ll find 2 clips of the recipient with her flags (her first time using swing flags) as well as my demo video, but first hear how they blessed her!

» more »

Beckoned LWH

April 2013 | In Action (Demos), Testimonials

BeckonedLWHYou got to see this quill wing briefly in the LWH / XLW comparison we posted a couple weeks ago, but here you get to see it in action.  We actually got to hear from the woman who received this (she got it as a gift for her church – as well as receiving a little extra thank you silk from Abba) – here’s her quick testimonial: » more »

Huge Confirmation

December 2012 | In Action, Testimonials

Six plus years and I never grow tired of hearing the testimonies!  This is a 35×84 silk that was birthed just recently and was some timely confirmation…
» more »

Gifting a Taking the Land Silk

August 2012 | In Action, Testimonials

I know how hard it is to gift one of your favorite silks – Father has done it to me more than once!  So I understood the weight of this gift since I knew this silk was a favorite of hers, but when Father prompts you to bless someone, how can you be blessed by withholding the blessing?  Sow in tears and reap in joy 🙂 » more »

Birthing with her Birthing Silk

August 2012 | Testimonials

This is a short scarf story that was shared with me that I wanted to pass along to you all about a 5mm semicircle Birthing {babies} silk 🙂

A pregnant woman came to me and wanted to order a scarf to have with her during the birth of her daughter.  Immediately, the Father brought to mind the Birthing {babies} silk. I second guessed Him at first because I’d always thought of it as being for people wanting to conceive and she was very much already with child! He reminded me ALL children are miracles from Him and so I obeyed. » more »

Beyond Expectations Giveaway Gift

August 2012 | Testimonials

Here’s a story from our recent giveaway winner – who won not just a 5mm semicircle, but a Dyed4you Art Dance With Me printcard too for her comments on both the Dyed4you Blog and the Dyed4you Art one 🙂 » more »

Gifting a Spot on Word

July 2012 | Testimonials

This is testimonial about a woman who received a 35×84 Lord of All the Earth silk – this is the same silk you recently saw on my new canopy and on my furry mink fleece throw 😉 » more »

Favorite Color & Verse

July 2012 | Testimonials

This is a quick testimony about a 22×72 silk a woman received and was blessed by 🙂

I am still astounded that the prayer scarf has my favorite colors and exactly what I wanted! » more »

International Flag Worship Day

July 2012 | In Action, Testimonials

Fun hearing the reports back from July 12th’s International Flag Worship Day!  I got one email from someone who drove around Rosamond, CA with two big purple flags hanging out her window followed by worship in her front yard 🙂 » more »

Renewed Fervor for Battle

July 2012 | In Action, Testimonials

A lovely story about a 22×72 silk called His Heart in Battle (which you’ve also seen as swing flags). Not sure what it is about having something tangible during intercession (especially something anointed), but I too have found the silks to be a blessing in warfare. » more »

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