How-to Receive Dyed4you Art/Silk

January 2017 | How-To, Tidbits

We like to say that the words you receive from Dyed4you and Dyed4you Art are a portion of a conversation, not a conversation in its entirety. We love to hear that we’re confirming something He’s already shared. Ideally, each of us should hear His voice for ourselves and words from others should mostly confirm and expand things He’s already shared, but regrettably many of us have been taught to doubt our ability to hear Him for ourselves. We rely so strongly on our natural senses that we prefer to hear another person tell us what He’s saying to us because we trust our natural senses more than our spiritual ones. That’s usually because we’ve spent more time cultivating our natural senses while neglecting our spiritual ones (again often because we’ve been taught to do so).  » more »

What is a Prophetic Word?

December 2016 | Tidbits

A while back I shared How-To Receive a Prophetic Word, and on our sites we talk about the letters (prophetic words) that come with our silk and art and the fact that they are supposed to be a portion of a conversation with God, not an entire conversation in and of themselves. These prophetic pieces are intended to facilitate conversation with God, add a dimension to interactions that are hopefully already occurring, or begin conversation if none is. Ultimately, relationship with Him is what we all should be working on and trying to strength and deepen.  » more »

Created Under the Anointing

December 2016 | In Action (Other's Flags), Tidbits

silkscreatedundertheanointingSeveral years back I did a post called Why it Matters Who Makes Your Flags. The short version is basically that I want to use tools made by those God has anointed to create them, not ones created in the flesh. I shared in that post several other ministries that I felt were anointed to create worship tools including of course our sister ministry Prophetic Worship BannersAndrea York, and Margie Puckett of Unhindered and Unashamed. I wanted to share a couple more since I’ve acquired some new flags. Some are from the ministries I’ve already mentioned, but a couple new ones too. Hope you enjoy!  » more »

Re-Weighted LSF (Large Swing Flags)

October 2016 | Tidbits

Just wanted to give you all a quick heads up, we’ve redesigned our Large Swing Flags (LSF) a bit making them a tad lighter and redistributing the weights so they’re in two rows rather than three (which makes them feel less bulky). We think they flow better and hope you will too! Didn’t want any of you who have gotten a LSF before to be surprised by the change 🙂 Happy worshipping!  » more »

Announcing Dyed4you Readymade

October 2016 | Tidbits

announcing_d4y-readymadeSo excited to announce a new Dyed4you development: Dyed4you Readymade. We know there have been times that you all have wanted to purchase a last minute gift for someone, but because of the timeframe on our custom orders you’ve either had to have it arrive late or chosen another gift. Well, with our new Dyed4you Readymade we’ve solved the problem!  » more »

Meghan’s Flag Bag

December 2013 | Tidbits

FlagBagAs promised to my friends on our Facebook page, here is a video where I show you what I have in my portable arsenal – aka my flag bag!  Swing flags in all three sizes, streamers, streamer veils, and quills gallore – most from Dyed4you, but also a couple from sister ministries Prophetic Worship Banners and Unhindered & Unashamed. I’m hoping some of YOU will reciprocate and show us what is in YOUR flag bag too! » more »

Paints, Quills, and More

September 2013 | Tidbits

Tawna-contestThis is another video that was entered in the MR Quill Giveaway. She actually demos not only a mismatched pair of Dyed4you M quill flags called Spirit & Truth (which you’ve seen before), but some swing flags made by our friend Caleb (she refers to them as throw flags), and a scarf made by Rachel (who I’m not familiar with). » more »

MR Quill Giveaway Winner

August 2013 | In Action (Demos), Tidbits

TeresaPurdieWinnerCongratulations to Teresa Purdie our MR Quill Flag Giveaway! A big thank you to ALL of you who entered – excited to share more of the beautiful videos you guys submitted when you entered!!! Below you’ll find the video Teresa submitted that won – hopefully she’ll submit a video with her NEW quill flags ones she gets them 🙂 » more »

Introducing Streamer Veils

August 2013 | Tidbits

IntroStreamerVeilsThanks to the genius of our friends at Prophetic Worship Banners, we’re introducing a new product that we are completely in love with – Streamer Veils! These gorgeous worship tools come in three sizes: M, L, and LR (large round). They also can be used in pairs (though you have to be coordinated to use either the L or LR in pairs!). These are a new fav 🙂 » more »

Introducing Larisa

August 2013 | Tidbits

IntroLarisaYou guys may not realize this but Dyed4you has a new staff member… Larisa! It’s a cool story as to how she came on board and what the Father is doing here at Dyed4you. We realized it was time to officially introduce her to the Dyed4you Community 🙂 » more »

MR Quill Flag Giveaway!

July 2013 | Tidbits

MRGiveawayGuess what?!  Prophetic Worship Banners and Dyed4you are teaming up to do a MR (medium round) quill flag giveaway!  You get to enter by creating your own worship video!!!  All the details are below 🙂 » more »

Regifted Blessing

April 2013 | Tidbits

Mishunda-caleb-swingflagsYou may remember the pair of swing flags that Caleb gifted me last spring, well Father had me regift them (He does this to me ALL the time with my flags!) and so I couldn’t resist sharing the beautiful worship the recipient shared with me 🙂 » more »

Introducing Large & Light Swing Flags

March 2013 | In Action (Demos), Tidbits

LLswingWe’re officially launching a new product called the Large & Light Swing Flags!  These are the same size as our large swing flags, but are made out of 5mm china silk instead of 8mm like the regular and large are.  That means they are lightweight and floaty – a slow flag – great for intimate devotion time! » more »

Introducing Banner Flags (officially)

March 2013 | In Action, Tidbits

banner3You’ve seen plenty of our banner flags in the past, but we confused so many people by having them order a silk and adding a seam that we decided to give them their own page 😉

» more »

Can You Still See Us?

December 2012 | Tidbits

Recently Dyed4you has been experiencing some brute force attacks on our website – in other words, people have been trying to hack us :/  As a result some IP addresses have been blocked, but we discovered some of YOU were among the ones blocked!  Obviously that was NOT our intention!!!

So if you no longer can access any of the Dyed4you sites, leave a comment below letting us know, then visit What is my IP? and when we respond to your email send us your IP Address (which is a series of numbers with periods in between) and we’ll get you cleared back up! » more »

Add an Oil

October 2012 | Tidbits

I created an “What is… Add an Oil” video for Dyed4you Art and realized it might be helpful for my Dyed4you folks as well! So I am reposting it here for anyone who is interested 🙂 » more »

Duplicate Silks

September 2012 | Tidbits

Some of you may remember me sharing a post called Releasing Control, where I talk about how Father has used the dyeing process to take me to deeper levels of releasing control to Him (if you didn’t read it, before it’s a good one).  Well, He’s taking me to a new level 🙂

Recently, He told me I’m not to keep track of who has gotten which style silk. Now I don’t mean if you forget the name I can’t look it up, what I mean is it isn’t tracked in a way that lets me easily check whether I have sent you one of a particular style before. In other words, it is possible you might get sent the same style twice. » more »

FYI: Quill Bags

September 2012 | Tidbits

I know I’ve said it before, but I thought it was worth repeating: quill bags are for protection purposes! The bags aren’t created to match, just to protect.  The example below being a case in point 😉 » more »

Giant Quill

September 2012 | Tidbits

This is a quill my friend Nickol from Prophetic Worship Banners made me and I couldn’t help but share!  This is called a Giant Quill and it is 70″ along the quill!  And before you ask –  yes – you can get a Dyed4you one as a special order item 😉 » more »

Fall Feasts’ Sabbath Days

September 2012 | Tidbits

Hard to believe the Fall Feasts are upon us! You may remember I gave you FYIs in the spring for the Feast of Unleavened Bread and Pentecost (Feast of Weeks) and it suddenly occurred to me that in addition to the normal weekly sabbath I have 4 high sabbaths coming up that I needed to make you guys aware of not to mention that I will be largely on vacation (yay!) for most of Feast of Tabernacles, so I want to help you plan accordingly 🙂 » more »