We LOVE blog comments!  And so we periodically give away scarves and Dyed4you Art as thank-you’s for those who leave comments.  Since we started doing this in May 2010 and in the first 4 months alone we gave away 15+ printcards, many scarves (4 – 11×60‘s, 11×90 (special order), 21×21, 22×72, 35×84, and more) and now we’ve even given away flags! Read scarf stories from Dyed4you Blog giveaway winners.

The giveaways are done a number of different ways:

  • You are comment number X (e.g. the person who made the 100th comment got a scarf)
  • God tells me which comment # from previous comments (this means EVERY comment you leave is an entry for future giveaways of this kind!)
  • God says so 🙂

Please understand that I will not think you are leaving comments just for the chance of getting a giveaway gift (and even if you are it’s ok). My heart in doing the giveaways are to thank you for engaging.  I am passionate about what God is doing in and through this ministry and I love hearing the stories and hearing people’s thoughts about the stories.  I’m blessed by your comments – so this is a small way for me to say thank you to you all – so feel free to leave as many comments as you want 🙂

How-to leave a comment

What I’ve discovered is not everyone knows what I mean when I say “leave a comment” – so I thought I better explain!

To leave a comment, first thing you have to do is be on a post, which you can do by clicking the title of any post or the “more” link after the intro.

Here’s an example of a post where someone has already left a comment:

Just because someone has already left a comment doesn’t mean you can’t leave another one! Or comment about their comment 🙂

[The turquoise circles are showing you a neat navigation tip – you can scroll through the postings just by using the links shown in the circles.  The one on the right will take you to posts that came after the one you’re looking at and the one to the left takes you to previous posts]

To leave a comment, scroll to the bottom – it’ll look something like this image below:

You have to enter:

  • name (you can use a nickname or put “anonymous” if you don’t want people to know who you are)
  • email – but only I see this and I don’t sell your emails or anything.  At the moment I don’t do anything with them – in the future I may do regular emails, but you’d be able to opt out even if I did nab your email from here.
  • website (optional) – if you have a blog or a website of your own, you can enter it – if you do, when your comment shows up your name will be a link to your site

Then just type in your comment!  If it’s your first comment, I have to approve it (I’m pretty quick about it).  But once you’ve got an approved comment – as long as you type the same email address it’ll post it automatically.

Other Stuff

Periodically, someone types in a comment that is really a scarf story or testimonial in it’s own right.  In those instances, I take the liberty of making it its own post (and usually delete the comment then).  I’ll drop you a note to let you know I’m planning to do that though – because I like to give you the option of thinking if there’s anything you want to add or tweak 🙂

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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