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Holy Coverings

This is a quick testimonial from someone who has gotten several pairs of swing flags (which she also loves – when she used them at church someone came over to ask where she got her “pretty flags”), but in this order also got a beaded veil and a beaded tallit. Here’s what she shared about them after she received them: Continue reading

“My” Room in OH ;)

It’s always fun to see how folks are inspired to display their Dyed4you silk and Dyed4you Art 🙂

Here Amanda has created a Dyed4you room complete with her beaded veil, several pairs of quills and even the Swept Away art piece that features a picture I did of her – it’s part of the Unbridled Passion series 🙂 Continue reading

Dwelling in His Beauty Beaded Veil

I realized I don’t think I’ve done video with a beaded veil before! As I mentioned in my previous post, you’ve seen this Dwelling in His beauty style in many different renditions before and each more beautiful than the last 🙂

As I mention in the video, it’s not how lovely the veils look that make them amazing, it’s the way you feel when you are under one… those who have them will understand what I mean! Continue reading

Victory Beaded Veil

This is a fun story for me because I got to be one of the gift givers on it!  One evening the Father began downloading a vision for me of a rather elaborate beaded veil for one of our prayer team members at church.  I felt like it wasn’t just to be a gift from me, but rather from the whole team, and when I shared the idea with them they were totally on board too. Continue reading

Custom Beaded Bridal Veil

It’s rare for me to receive a request for something that is not dyed. So I was surprised and intrigued when I received a request for a custom beaded veil that would be white (like a bride) and have a second tier of silk to be able to bring over the face. It was needed for a dance. Continue reading

Royal Glory

The Lord drew a fellow worshiper to the site and her first order was a number of the popular style scarves. They arrived just before she attended a worship conference – her comment when she got back was “I could feel the anointing on the worship scarves and as I danced before the Lord with them the anointing increased… I absolutely love them and will treasure them as a gift from the Lord.” Continue reading