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Beautiful “It Is Finished” Billow

It never ceases to bless us when we get to see our silk in action! This team did a BEAUTIFUL job and we loved seeing how they incorporated the 35″x10′ Dyed4you billow called “It Is Finished” into their dance. Always lovely to see a coordinated effort like this! Hope you guys enjoy it too 🙂 Continue reading

PFT Angels Purim 2014

PFT-angels_Purim2014This is the young dance team at Passion for Truth affectionately nicknamed the PFT Angels (who you’ve seen before). In this dance to Born for This (which they performed Purim weekend), they use a special order 6 yard billow and two 3 yd streamers.  You’ve seen the billow before in a quiet worship moment I’d shared. They did an awesome job – so proud! Continue reading

Provided For L Quills Layered with MR

Loved getting to see this fun video with a pair of Dyed4you L quills called Provided For that Nickol has layered with a pair of white MR quills from Prophetic Worship Banners (as well as the streamers and billow which I presume are also from PWB). So beautiful! Continue reading

Last Dance from Feast of Trumpets Conference

This is last of the dances from Feast of Trumpets conference. You’ve seen the youth dance and (for lack of a better description) the grown up’s dance, now you get to see the PFT Angels (ie the kids) dance!  You’ll see several streamers (two 4 yard ones which you’ve seen before and one special order 160″ one you’ve seen before also) as well as a special order 6 yard billow and a couple M quill flags – all that Dyed4you goodness mixed with some serious preciousness make this an enjoyable watch 😉 Continue reading

PFT Worship

Can I start by saying I love my church? This is a clip from a typical evening of worship on Shabbat (Sabbath) at Passion for Truth Fellowship (which streams live every Saturday at 5pm CST).

We are so blessed to have a group of people who truly love to press in during worship – so in this clip you will see men, women and children dancing, using flags, and moving as one with the billow. Continue reading

Resurrection Celebration

This is a fun story because there’s lots to share! It starts with a dance team in VT (Living Hope Christian Church) ordering 14×72 scarves to use as sashes and special order 8mm 45×108 silks that were divided in half with 2 flag seams added to make a pair. You saw video I made of one pair of the flags before I sent them out.

Even just from seeing my demo video the team gave an awesome response:
Continue reading

Church Releasing the Promises of God

I must confess, I thoroughly enjoy hearing multiple stories over the same piece(s) of silk. I love knowing it’s not just a cool moment when it’s received, but that it continues to be a blessing and a tool.

Back in May I shared another moment that this Voi veil was used as a billow.  Well, it happened again – this time the WHOLE church (and a large congregation at that) participated – she share’s the story here: Continue reading