Paints, Quills, and More

September 2013 | Tidbits

Tawna-contestThis is another video that was entered in the MR Quill Giveaway. She actually demos not only a mismatched pair of Dyed4you M quill flags called Spirit & Truth (which you’ve seen before), but some swing flags made by our friend Caleb (she refers to them as throw flags), and a scarf made by Rachel (who I’m not familiar with). » more »

Regifted Blessing

April 2013 | Tidbits

Mishunda-caleb-swingflagsYou may remember the pair of swing flags that Caleb gifted me last spring, well Father had me regift them (He does this to me ALL the time with my flags!) and so I couldn’t resist sharing the beautiful worship the recipient shared with me ๐Ÿ™‚ » more »

My Gift from Caleb

May 2012 | In Action (Other's Flags)

Our friend Caleb sent me a gift… a pair of his tie-dye swing flags! This is how he sees me in the spirit – which is fun because someone described them as bright and happy flags LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

He weights his flags a bit differently than I do the Dyed4you ones, so forgive me that you see me smack myself a couple times LOL! » more »

Caleb’s Flagging DVD

April 2012 | Sales & Specials

Our friend Caleb has released a DVD of flagging that features his original music and multiple Dyed4you creations – swing flags, voi (35×84 size), 35×84s with wings seams and a pair of special order silks he had made into flags. The videos are available for sale through Dyed4you (just put it on your order form) for $20.

» more »

Caleb with Swing Flags

February 2011 | In Action

I’m almost embarrassed that I previously posted a video with these – LOL!ย  Caleb gives you a better idea of what a pair of swing flags is really capable of… BEAUTIFUL! » more »

Voi at Conferences

January 2011 | In Action

Caleb put together a photo montage with video too of him using Dyed4you voi at conferences. Thought you all would enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ » more »

Caleb using a Praise in All the Earth

January 2011 | In Action

Some Dyed4you silk Caleb had sewn into spinner flags (thank you Penni!) – beautiful in action!ย  This silk is what was used in Dyed4you Art’s Sweet Aroma. The colors were picked from a vision Father gave him. » more »

Caleb with Wings & Voi

September 2010 | In Action

Caleb Brundidge posted some great video of him using a pair of 35×84 wings and then the pair ofย  Emissary of Light voi. » more »

More Caleb Pics & Video of Me

September 2010 | In Action

This is a new pair of voi I created called Joyful Praise.ย  In the pictures Caleb Brundidge is worshiping with them at Glad Tidings Church – JoAnn McFatter is on the keyboard behind him – sorry I don’t have video of him, but I do have video of me demo-ing the voi before I sent them to him. » more »

Caleb Worshipping with Voi

September 2010 | In Action

Yay!ย  Someone got video of Caleb Brundidge using his Emissary of Light voi at a recent conference whileย  Joshua Mills lead worship.ย  So fun to see these in action ๐Ÿ™‚

» more »

Caleb with Voi Pair

August 2010 | In Action

Here’s some pictures of Caleb Brundidge using his Emissary of Light voi pair (you saw video of Allen, my hubby, using). Can’t wait to see some video of him with them at some point, but in the meanwhile, this will suffice ๐Ÿ˜‰ » more »

Caleb & Worship

June 2010 | Tidbits

We were blessed enough to have Caleb Brundidge visit our church (with Cindy McGill) to do some outreach training and minister with us.

This series of videos includes Caleb sharing on worship followed by him ministering with some flags… they’re not Dyed4you flags, but he’s so gifted I couldn’t resist sharing!ย  But you will notice a “man scarf” I gave him tied to his belt loop in the back ๐Ÿ™‚ » more »