The Voice of the Lord Banner

January 2017 | In Action, In Action (Demos)

Love this custom-sized (55″x90″) banner flag called the Voice of the Lord! This was a gift for the “mother” of Dyed4you (hear the history of Dyed4you) and she put it immediately to good use by worshipping with it during corporate worship (at Gateway:61). Hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into a beautiful moment of worship πŸ™‚ Below you’ll also find a couple other videos of this flag in action. It’s letter is posted over on my personal blog if you’re interested (Silk: The Voice of the Lord)!  » more »

Bethel TV Silk Sighting

December 2016 | In Action

Sam-with-MelekKabowd-2XLquillsIt’sΒ always fun when I “happen” upon one of our silks! As I was watching some Bethel TV videos on YouTube this evening, I happened upon this one and at 2:22 (which is a significant number for me so that was totally a God-wink) one of our Dyed4you community guys appears with his Melek Kabowd (King of Glory) 2XLH quill flags (they were remakes of the ones I made for my hubby a while back)!Β  » more »

PFT Angels Purim 2014

March 2014 | In Action

PFT-angels_Purim2014This is the young dance team at Passion for Truth affectionately nicknamed the PFT Angels (who you’ve seen before). In this dance to Born for This (which they performed Purim weekend), they use a special order 6 yard billow and two 3 yd streamers.Β  You’ve seen the billow before in a quiet worship moment I’d shared. They did an awesome job – so proud! » more »

One Night with a King

March 2014 | In Action

Calah-OneNightWithaKingEarlier this week I shared a snippet from worship this past weekend and promised to share the young ladies dance special when the video was posted… well here it is and it is wonderful! She’s dancing with a pair of special order 2XLR quill flags (named Come to Me), which you’ve seen before when one of our “PFT Angels” was worshiping with them. The song is called One Night with a King and the dance was done Purim weekend. Enjoy πŸ™‚ » more »

Free to Dance

March 2014 | In Action

CalahWorshipWords cannot express how moved I was getting to watch the worship moment live and in person. I pray that you all will be equally blessed to see this zealous worshiper giving her all with a pair of special order 2XLR quill flags (named Come to Me) that are almost as tall as she is πŸ™‚ » more »

Free Worship

January 2014 | Scarf Stories

Megan-FaithForTheImpossibleI loved the freedom of worship in these two clips I shot during one of the worship services at my church (PFT) – I couldn’t resist sharing with you all too. She is using a 3 yd streamer called Faith for the Impossible. I keep a good stash of streamers at church because they hold up very well πŸ™‚ » more »

AJ with L Quill Wings

January 2014 | In Action

AJ-LwingsYou all with enjoy these anointed videos someone nabbed with their phone of our friend AJ during worship!Β  He’s using a LW quill called Under His Wings and a LWH quill called Waves of Increase. If you haven’t gotten to enjoy any of AJ’s worship before here he is with swing flags and here he is with a variety of worship tools. Also you won’t want to miss his scarf story about breakthrough among the youth! » more »

Child with a Swing Flag

January 2014 | In Action

ComeAwaywithMe-childThis is too cute not to share this video of a child with a regular sized swing flag. I believe this one is Come Away with Me, and if I’m correct you’ve seen demos of this one before (like this one). One of the reasons I love swing flags is because they don’t have a rod in them, a child like this can grab it and worship to her heart’s content without the parent having to be concerned about injury to her child or anyone else! » more »

Joyful Praise Swing Flags & PWB Quills

January 2014 | In Action, In Action (Other's Flags)

Kayla-joyfulpraiseA beautiful video of someone you’ve seen before who has been such a blessing to me personally. In this video – which was shot live during a recent church service – we see her first using a pair of regular swing flags called Joyful Praise (you’ve seen this style before – me demoing swing flags, as M quill flags, as an 8×54, and as a pair of voi) and then she uses a vivid pair of XL quill flags from Prophetic Worship Banners. » more »

Transformed round swing flags

November 2013 | In Action

TransformedRoundSwingHERE THEY ARE!!! We decided to create round swing flags and they came out simply amazing! This style is called Transformed and you probably have seen it in XLR quills before. Here you will see Meghan worship with them at our church Passion for Truth and they have a feel and look of wings πŸ™‚ » more »

Pastor Jim with Faithful banner flag

November 2013 | In Action

PastorJim_FaithfulThese videos are from a live worship service at Passion for Truth, Pastor Jim had been prompted by the Father to grab the rainbow banner flag – he actually shared a bit about his exchange with the Father for the congregation. Without knowing the name of the silk, Father was reminding him of His promises and how He is faithful to fulfill His word. Little did he know the name of the flag he was holding was Faithful πŸ™‚ » more »

Under His Wings LW Quill

October 2013 | In Action

Larisa-LW-UnderHisWingsIn these videos, you’ll see me using my LW (large wing) quill called Under His Wings (which is one of our popular styles) and my very favorite flag! We’ve seen this style before – Meghan has it in a dowel wing, we’ve seen it as an 8mm semicircle voi,Β  and it even appeared as one of the demo silks in our Basic Moves for Dancing with Scarves. The videos below were taken during a live service at Passion for Truth (PFT). You will also see some Dyed4you swing flags in the background as well a Prophetic Worship Banner quill and streamers from both ministries πŸ™‚ » more »

Allissa Ministering with YHVH Rohi (the Lord my Shepherd)

September 2013 | In Action

Allissa-Rohi-PFTThis was a beautiful moment of worship during the Yom Kippur (Feast of Atonement) services – so much healing happening!Β  Allissa is ministering with a pair of XL quill flags called YHVH Rohi (the Lord my Shepherd), which you’ve seen before in M quills as a demo, in XL quills, in a dowel wing by both Tami and Amanda, as a silk, as a streamer, and one with a face in it… it is a fav! » more »

2 yr old with Amazed Streamer

September 2013 | In Action

Tinsley-amazedToo precious for words! I wish I’d caught more of this sweetie-pie with this 3 yd streamer called Amazed (see the demo here). She was at it for a while before I thought to snag some video – she gets a little distracted partway through by the handle on the rod, but it is all so precious! » more »

First-Time Flagger

August 2013 | In Action

April-sealedMWMy friend April said it best, “This little blue haired awesome girl of God has just picked up her first pair of flags. (She is)…from Greater Works. She is on their worship team and she sure is a powerhouse for Jesus.” Amen!Β  This pair of MW quills called Sealed looks AMAZING in her hands! » more »

Melek Kabowd (King of Glory) XLH Quills

July 2013 | In Action

Allen-MelekKabowdThis is a pair of special order XLH quill flags called Melek Kabowd (which is Hebrew for King of Glory). You’ve seen video of these before – since they belong to my hubby and it’s him using them you’re likely to see them again too πŸ˜‰ » more »

On the Sea of Galilee

July 2013 | In Action

GGonGalileeA couple weeks ago, Amber shared an awesome story about her trip to Israel including some video of her flagging on the Sea of Galilee.Β  In the story we got to see some pictures of this friend using the MW (medium wing) quills called Revelation from the Throne, but today we get to see video! » more »

Allissa with a Streamer Veil

July 2013 | In Action (Other's Flags)

Allissa-streamerveilAllissa using a beautiful gift I received from my friend Nickol at Prophetic Worship Banners – a streamer veil!Β  I am IN LOVE!!! Just know you’ll likely see this beautiful product added to Dyed4you’s product line in the future πŸ˜‰ » more »

LFH Quills & Streamers

July 2013 | In Action

Manuel-RighteousWarfareLFHI did a double take when I saw this video because with the lighting I almost didn’t recognize the pair of special order LFH Righteous Warfare quill flags!Β  You’ve seen this style several times before (Flames in Worship, A Child Enjoying LFH Quills, LFH at Bethel, and Righteous Warfare). There’s also a pair of streamers (not from Dyed4you) as well. Beautiful! » more »

Zealous/Kingdom Layered Quills

July 2013 | In Action

Kaitlyn-Zealous-KingdomThis video is Nickol’s (our friend from Prophetic Worship Banners) daughter Kaitlyn during worship. She said, “The worship was especially powerful and went on an extra half hour. It was wonderful! Hope you enjoy it! The flags are XL Quills in Purple (Kingdom) and D4Y M Quills in Zealous for God. The Combination makes Zealous for God’s Kingdom!” » more »