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Anointed Artisans

I know this one is long, but there’s a LOT of good stuff in here – silk stories, words shared by one of you in the Dyed4you Community as well as some fun Dyed4you history. So I hope you’ll be blessed by it! 

First up is a topic I’ve shared on a number of times on the our blog and it’s one I feel passionate about. God has specifically anointed certain people to do certain things. I call them anointed artisans (think of artisan as being an expert not simply an artist because you could be an “artisan” of computer code if that’s what Papa has gifted you to do). We see this concept clearly illustrated in Exodus 31:1-6 (AMP)  Continue reading

Bethel TV Silk Sighting

Sam-with-MelekKabowd-2XLquillsIt’s always fun when I “happen” upon one of our silks! As I was watching some Bethel TV videos on YouTube this evening, I happened upon this one and at 2:22 (which is a significant number for me so that was totally a God-wink) one of our Dyed4you community guys appears with his Melek Kabowd (King of Glory) 2XLH quill flags (they were remakes of the ones I made for my hubby a while back)!  Continue reading

Portal to the Throne Room Banner Flag

PortalToTheThroneRoomIt is not every day I get to have the Dyed4you Community at large minister to me, but that’s just what you all did and I am completely blessed! I have to start by saying I didn’t know what Father was up to when this started, but it is not unusual for Him to get sneaky and give me a birthday gift (some of you may remember the one He birthed in a dream that got finished literally on my birthday). Continue reading

Giveaway Quills

EveryCaptiveFreeMRThis week when someone in the D4Y Community placed an order, they purchased a pair of MR quill flags (named Every Captive Free) and asked me to use them as a giveaway! Father had me have this individual numerically pick one of the existing comments to choose who should get them. A comment back in 2012 was the winner (it happens to be one of Dyed4you’s prayer team members, Linette) and the flags are shipping today – so excited to hear the rest of this testimony as it unfolds!

Continue reading

It Pays to Leave Comments!

Congrats to Ann Kelley who just won this pair of M Quill flags called Trained Hands (which you’ve seen before when Amanda did a beautiful dance with a pair)!  As you know we encourage folks to leave comments (as well as subscribe) because we love to bless YOU – the Dyed4you Community with thank you gifts 🙂 Continue reading