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Birthday Gift from God

This is a fun silk story about a pair of large bendie wings (5mm aka β€œlight” weight silk) called Trustworthy that I had set aside to giveaway. I had a whole giveaway planned and had even done the video announcement for it. Then one night as I’m scrolling through Facebook, several videos showed up in my feed of a woman worshiping. I didn’t know her, she’d shared them in a group we’re both part of, but I clearly heard God say “Give them to her.”  Continue reading

MR Quill Giveaway Winner

TeresaPurdieWinnerCongratulations to Teresa Purdie our MR Quill Flag Giveaway! A big thank you to ALL of you who entered – excited to share more of the beautiful videos you guys submitted when you entered!!! Below you’ll find the video Teresa submitted that won – hopefully she’ll submit a video with her NEW quill flags ones she gets them πŸ™‚ Continue reading

Giveaway Quills

EveryCaptiveFreeMRThis week when someone in the D4Y Community placed an order, they purchased a pair of MR quill flags (named Every Captive Free) and asked me to use them as a giveaway! Father had me have this individual numerically pick one of the existing comments to choose who should get them. A comment back in 2012 was the winner (it happens to be one of Dyed4you’s prayer team members, Linette) and the flags are shipping today – so excited to hear the rest of this testimony as it unfolds!

Continue reading

It Pays to Leave Comments!

Congrats to Ann Kelley who just won this pair of M Quill flags called Trained Hands (which you’ve seen before when Amanda did a beautiful dance with a pair)!Β  As you know we encourage folks to leave comments (as well as subscribe) because we love to bless YOU – the Dyed4you Community with thank you gifts πŸ™‚ Continue reading

Swing Flag Giveaway Announcement

We have a winner for our Swing Flag Giveaway!Β  Just so you know, we plan to continue doing periodic giveaways to our subscribers – so don’t unsubscribe if you didn’t win this time!

That’s right we’re doing giveaways to our subscribers as well as for those who leave comments!!! Continue reading

God’s Amazing Timing

All scarf stories are fun for me, but it never ceases to amaze me how He works through the Dyed4you Blog Giveaways. This was one of the first giveaways where He told me to find the winner among the previous comments – which makes it extra fun because anytime someone leaves a comment it means they could win at some random future point too! Continue reading

Testimony & Dance

Jessica won these simple flags (made from a 35×84 with 2 flag seams added) as a Dyed4you Blog Giveaway. What was kind of fun is that she actually received the flags the night she heard the song Garments of Praise for the first time in a long time – it’s the song the Father had her dance to in this video after she shares her testimony.Β  I think you’ll be blessed by both her story and her worship – enjoy!!! Continue reading