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Holy Ghost Party

Amanda E called me after leaving this holiday party that the Holy Spirit commandeered – I was SO blessed to hear this story and am thrilled she’s taken the time to write it down to share with you all (with the permission of those who were present of course!). God is AMAZING! Continue reading

Freedom, Confirmation & His Presence

This scarf had such a profound impact that it took the recipient several days to even process what God was sharing through it. I’ve broken it out piece by piece and what an amazing story it is!

Here was the first note I got from her:

I received a semicircle scarf from Meghan a couple of days ago. The moment it was handed to me I felt God’s anointing come over me. Continue reading

Shirttails of Jesus

In Spring of 2007, the woman (who I sometimes refer to as the “mama” of my ministry since she helped to birth it) ordered a prayer cloth for a friend whose son was serving in the armed forces overseas. They had an expression in their family they sometimes used where they would talk about hanging onto the “shirttails of Jesus”. So she wanted to get her friend a prayer cloth called Shirttails of Jesus. The letter that went with the cloth was: Continue reading