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How-to Use Streamers and Streamer Veils

howtousestreamersandstreamerveilsJust a quick how-to demo video to introduce you to some simple, basic moves for use with streamers and streamer veils. One of the reasons I love streamers and streamer veils is because they are light (especially streamers) and so regardless of strength you can use them for a while without feeling too tired. They also can be used seated and they work wonderfully in a corporate worship environment because they don’t require quite as large a zone to work with. We hope this video inspires you! Happy worshipping 🙂  Continue reading

How-To Flag

Margie Puckett using a pair of Dyed4you MW Quills named SealedGiven how many posts we have with video upon video of flags in action, it is hard to believe we’ve never put together a post like this before! We have our Basics of Using Quills, which is a simple how-to. And we have our How-To Use Swing Flags post as well as the more advanced moves in our Tips-n-Tricks post. We have how-tos on using a banner flag, using a wing, using voi, and even on dancing with silks. But what we didn’t have was basic diagrams for some flag movements. Continue reading

How-To Use Swing Flag(s)

A long overdue how-to use swing flag(s) video!  I cover both singles and pairs in this video.  Also,  I realized there were a few things I forgot to say in the video (there goes the brain fog again!).  The weighted corner is called the “lead corner” and it needs to be pointing forward when you hold it (as you see me doing in the video, I just forgot to say it). Continue reading

Basic Moves for Dancing with Scarves

Per request, this is a 5-part series on the basics of dancing with scarves.  Each clip compares 2 scarves for a total of 10 scarves in 4 different fabrics (5mm and 8mm China Silk, Crepe, and Chiffon) and 9 different sizes (21×21, 11×60, 11×60 fringed, 44″ triangle fringed, 22×72, 22×90, 35×84, 55×108, and the 45×108 semicircle). Continue reading

A Tip on Using Voi Pair

If you haven’t watched the single voi video, start there! The video below shares a simple move that can be used a number of different ways to get a nice effect when using a pair of voi.

Please understand I have not been using voi long and am particularly new at using a pair 🙂 I’ve discovered my body does not like doing syncopated rhythms (which gives me problems in piano too!), but you can still make voi pretty without them as hopefully this video demonstrates! Continue reading

Basics of Using Voi

Below is a video of a few basics of working with voi (veiled poi).  Here I’m using a single voi (in the standard 35×84 size).

Please understand, I am NOT a voi expert!  I’ve been using these only for a few months – so this can get you started, but for more advanced moves you’ll have to go elsewhere or ask Holy Spirit (the teacher of all things) to show you! 🙂 Continue reading