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Can You Still See Us?

Recently Dyed4you has been experiencing some brute force attacks on our website – in other words, people have been trying to hack us :/  As a result some IP addresses have been blocked, but we discovered some of YOU were among the ones blocked!  Obviously that was NOT our intention!!!

So if you no longer can access any of the Dyed4you sites, leave a comment below letting us know, then visit What is my IP? and when we respond to your email send us your IP Address (which is a series of numbers with periods in between) and we’ll get you cleared back up! Continue reading

Duplicate Silks

Some of you may remember me sharing a post called Releasing Control, where I talk about how Father has used the dyeing process to take me to deeper levels of releasing control to Him (if you didn’t read it, before it’s a good one).  Well, He’s taking me to a new level 🙂

Recently, He told me I’m not to keep track of who has gotten which style silk. Now I don’t mean if you forget the name I can’t look it up, what I mean is it isn’t tracked in a way that lets me easily check whether I have sent you one of a particular style before. In other words, it is possible you might get sent the same style twice. Continue reading

Fall Feasts’ Sabbath Days

Hard to believe the Fall Feasts are upon us! You may remember I gave you FYIs in the spring for the Feast of Unleavened Bread and Pentecost (Feast of Weeks) and it suddenly occurred to me that in addition to the normal weekly sabbath I have 4 high sabbaths coming up that I needed to make you guys aware of not to mention that I will be largely on vacation (yay!) for most of Feast of Tabernacles, so I want to help you plan accordingly 🙂 Continue reading

Order Status Updates

I can’t tell you how often I get email requests asking for status updates on orders, and they’re always difficult to answer (which is why I ask folks to resist doing so on the FAQ page).

At the same time, I completely understand (and am grateful for) the passion the Dyed4you Community has about their orders!!!  I know how hard it can be to try to patiently await a word.  So I thought I’d take a moment to explain WHY it’s not so simple to give updates 🙂 Continue reading

Gifting a Taking the Land Silk

I know how hard it is to gift one of your favorite silks – Father has done it to me more than once!  So I understood the weight of this gift since I knew this silk was a favorite of hers, but when Father prompts you to bless someone, how can you be blessed by withholding the blessing?  Sow in tears and reap in joy 🙂 Continue reading

FYI: Quill Breakthrough (aka How-To Get Quills Repaired)

Wanted to give you an FYI that with quills sometimes breakthrough happens. The good news is what we’ve learned is when breakthrough happens in the physical realm, it is often a manifestation of it having happened in the spiritual realm (I have a great scarf story I heard recently on a quill breakthrough I’m looking forward to sharing soon)!

Continue reading

FYI: Swing Flag Edge

Just wanted to give y’all a heads up!  When we order the silk for the swing flags, we don’t know if the yardage will have a woven selvedge or unwoven (those are the sides on the loom while the silk is being made).  On a couple of our recent batches it’s been an unwoven selvedge that include a white thread at the very edge that doesn’t take dye.   Continue reading


I have to begin by confessing that I am still far more prone to being like Martha than like Mary. I’m very happy “doing” and listening to Him as I do.

Even after the long season I spent in Destiny Church’s Prayer Room being a Mary, I find my Martha tendencies raring to go and hovering just below the surface. I know I’m not alone in this. Now I don’t know about you, but He’s been showing me one place He wants me to get better: the Sabbath. Continue reading

PayPal Issues

As some of you already know, we’ve been having some difficulties with PayPal, as a result we can’t accept orders processed online at this time.  Words cannot express how sorry I am for the inconvenience to you all!  I am still able to take orders via card over the phone or you can mail in a check if you prefer.  I have set up a form to get the information I need from you for either type of transaction. Continue reading

Machine Edges

This is just a quick heads-up.  For the last 5 years the bulk of the silks Dyed4you has sold have hand-rolled, hand-sewn edges.  Regrettably, this is an art that seems to be dying off and so our supplier will be slowly transitioning from hand-rolled, hand-sewn edges to machine-sewn edges. As they make this shift, we will have to as well. Continue reading

Heads-Up on Shimmer

I know that many of you LOVE shimmer and so do I which is why I don’t want to do away with it, but the fact of the matter is that the shimmering process per scarf actually takes as long or longer than the dyeing process, which is why in the not too distant future I’m going to have to start charging for shimmer. Continue reading

New Bags

Those who are connected to our Facebook page will probably not be surprised to hear that we’re changing how our scarves come packaged.  The change will be effective on all orders received after midnight CST this Saturday (10/16/10).  We’ve made this choice for a couple reasons and so I just wanted to give the full explanation for those who want to know 🙂 Continue reading