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Healing Flow Restoration Ministry

I think this is like the third or fourth Silk Ministry video we’ve posted using this silk and on this topic. I’d apologize for being repetitive, but I think it’s more about the fact that this is a MUCH needed area of ministry. Hopefully this video of flag ministry will bless you. I’m using a LRSV (large rounded streamer veil) called Healing Flow. You can probably hear me praying (both in english and tongues) so if that’s not your thing – mute it 😉 and I also apologize because my framing of the video is a little off. Continue reading

Mind blowing L quill flags “Suddenlies” testimony

SuddenliesHere’s an amazing testimony from one of the sweetest and strongest woman I’ve had the honor to talk to. One of her spiritual sons’ gifted her a pair of Large quill flags in the style of Suddenlies and I was crying like a baby when she shared what those flags meant for her and her situation. Continue reading

Silk Displays

It’s fun to see what people do with their silks – even when they aren’t in use! Seeing a 6×24 tied to a purse has become a common use, or around a stuffed animal, or 35×84s hanging on the wall, or even flags hanging on the wall – the ones you see below are swing flags with Hebrew lettering added.

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Restoration Ministry

In this silk ministry I’m using a pair of Isaiah 54 swing flags. The focus of the intercession is to battle hopelessness, depression, and woundings from the enemy; bringing restoration, healing, hope, joy and to usher in the fulfillment of God’s promises (exactly the focus of the call Father confirmed through this style silk to another woman in the D4Y Community). Continue reading

Healing Ministry

As I was on a conference call with my friends in the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries this morning, I found myself flagging over someone we were praying for. We were interceding for healing and the Father had me minister with a pair of swing flags I had set out to do a demo of called Healing Flow (which is a style you’ve seen before, but He had me create these in a new pattern).

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Forgiveness Healing

I love this story – too often we hesitate to ask for forgiveness because it requires us to humble ourselves. And yet it’s exactly what the word exhorts us to do!  We need to be obedient to bring freedom and healing – this is a beautiful testimony of such a moment…

To set the story up a bit, the scarf’s name is Healing Flow and it was won by this recipient during one of our Blog Giveaways.  I love how even in a giveaway – God is moving.

I can share with you that the first healing was my own, it was a spiritual healing that was 14 years in the making. A forgiveness healing, me having to ask for forgiveness for a past transgression. Continue reading

D4Y/D4Yart Treasure Chest

A friend of Dyed4you found a treasure chest at North Star Books, who sells both Dyed4you scarves and Dyed4you Art.  A fellow artist, she shared her experience with us:

God had me on a treasure hunt today and look what I found at North Star in Nampa, Idaho! The red scarf is the one you sent me, but the rest “I found”. Continue reading

1st eCard Scarf Story

Our first ecard scarf story 🙂  I sent an ecard to someone whose Isaiah 54 scarf was pictured in the ecard, and a few minutes later received this beautiful testimony entitled “That was so healing for me“:

You have no idea what my night was like yesterday. I had some major words of condemnation spoken against me by my parents. I had released it to God before i fell asleep and this scripture was so healing for me. Continue reading