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Cleaning Gems

You’ve seen Dwelling in His Beauty swing flags before (and a wing), but this isn’t a demo because this is MY pair along with my scarf story 🙂

First of all, my sister was the first one to receive a Dwelling in His Beauty silk, so it held personal meaning from the start (see my sister in her’s).  The problem with my job is I fall in love with silks ALL the time and at the end of the day I can’t wear them all at once, so I am very careful to only make one when I feel the Lord leading me to. Continue reading

Kim Clement’s Mantle

I confess this was a really fun scarf sighting for me 🙂  Someone purchased a 14×72 silk/wool scarf (mantle) for Kim Clement and had me send it as an anonymous gift.  It was mailed out January 17th and we prayed that it would reach him safely and be a blessing. Continue reading

BUT I: Not one of God’s Names

An Ordinary Day
Today while getting ready for the day, I was reflecting upon something the LORD has asked me to do. I initially responded to Him with, “Yes, LORD.” There have been no further instructions. I am waiting for the next command. However, at various times this morning I had become absorbed in wondering about the details of the assignment.  I thought to myself, “But I don’t know exactly how to do that.” Continue reading

Getting the Hell out of my House

Thank you, Meghan for inviting me to share what the LORD has placed on my heart with you and the Dyed4You community. This is NOT the posting I thought I would launch with, but trust the LORD’s timing. This seems like a very intense introduction and I am humbled to share this post, as it feels like it just “broke through” my agenda and ordered plan to share. May these posts serve to encourage and build one another up in love (1 Thes 5:11).  Continue reading

Heart after Him (pillowcase)

A cool confirmation on a pillowcase that was a gift from a wife to her husband 🙂

Thank you so much for your obedience to the Holy Spirit. May the Lord richly bless you.

I was so delighted to receive “Heart After Him” pillowcase for my husband. I was not sure how he would respond to a pillowcase birthday present, especially a prophetically dyed one at that! I sensed the Holy Spirit’s leading and placed an order. He was very touched by the word and gift.
Continue reading

Scarf & the Potty

This is a fun scarf story from a friend and loyal Dyed4you customer.  She’d bought a 6×24 scarf for her 3 year old daughter and a fun story was birthed. Here it is:

The first thing I noticed was the colors – she loves blue and green, and these were so vibrant – very her!

As she was playing with it, it ended up on the floor near her potty (not as a wipe – LOL – just in proximity!) and I was struck how the color matched her potty. I found it intriguingly odd that her scarf matched her potty. That’s when the Lord began speaking… Continue reading