Bethel TV Silk Sighting

December 2016 | In Action

Sam-with-MelekKabowd-2XLquillsIt’s always fun when I “happen” upon one of our silks! As I was watching some Bethel TV videos on YouTube this evening, I happened upon this one and at 2:22 (which is a significant number for me so that was totally a God-wink) one of our Dyed4you community guys appears with his Melek Kabowd (King of Glory) 2XLH quill flags (they were remakes of the ones I made for my hubby a while back)!  » more »

Created Under the Anointing

December 2016 | In Action (Other's Flags), Tidbits

silkscreatedundertheanointingSeveral years back I did a post called Why it Matters Who Makes Your Flags. The short version is basically that I want to use tools made by those God has anointed to create them, not ones created in the flesh. I shared in that post several other ministries that I felt were anointed to create worship tools including of course our sister ministry Prophetic Worship BannersAndrea York, and Margie Puckett of Unhindered and Unashamed. I wanted to share a couple more since I’ve acquired some new flags. Some are from the ministries I’ve already mentioned, but a couple new ones too. Hope you enjoy!  » more »

How-To Flag

February 2016 | How-To

Margie Puckett using a pair of Dyed4you MW Quills named SealedGiven how many posts we have with video upon video of flags in action, it is hard to believe we’ve never put together a post like this before! We have our Basics of Using Quills, which is a simple how-to. And we have our How-To Use Swing Flags post as well as the more advanced moves in our Tips-n-Tricks post. We have how-tos on using a banner flag, using a wing, using voi, and even on dancing with silks. But what we didn’t have was basic diagrams for some flag movements. » more »

Joyful Praise Swing Flags & PWB Quills

January 2014 | In Action, In Action (Other's Flags)

Kayla-joyfulpraiseA beautiful video of someone you’ve seen before who has been such a blessing to me personally. In this video – which was shot live during a recent church service – we see her first using a pair of regular swing flags called Joyful Praise (you’ve seen this style before – me demoing swing flags, as M quill flags, as an 8×54, and as a pair of voi) and then she uses a vivid pair of XL quill flags from Prophetic Worship Banners. » more »

Nickol’s Flag Bag

December 2013 | In Action, In Action (Other's Flags)

NickolFlagBagOh my heavens – apparently our friend Nickol at Prophetic Worship Banners packs a LOT more flags in her bag than I do in mine!  In response to my flag bag post where I encouraged others to share what was in their bag, Nickol has opened her bag to us – she has silks obviously from Prophetic Worship Banners as well as Dyed4you and Unhindered & Unashamed. Additionally she has some from Standard of the Lord. You’ll enjoy seeing this phenomenal arsenal! » more »

Meghan’s Flag Bag

December 2013 | Tidbits

FlagBagAs promised to my friends on our Facebook page, here is a video where I show you what I have in my portable arsenal – aka my flag bag!  Swing flags in all three sizes, streamers, streamer veils, and quills gallore – most from Dyed4you, but also a couple from sister ministries Prophetic Worship Banners and Unhindered & Unashamed. I’m hoping some of YOU will reciprocate and show us what is in YOUR flag bag too! » more »

Releasing All Flag Ministry

December 2013 | In Action (Other's Flags), In Action (Silk Ministry)

ReleasingMinistryIt’s been a while since I did some flag ministry for the blog. In keeping with the theme of the Dyed4you Art image that was released yesterday called Releasing All, I decided to do flag ministry along the same theme.  The song is called I Breathe You in, God and Kim Walker Smith is singing. The lyrics of the song are: » more »

Lion of Judah XL quills

October 2013 | In Action (Other's Flags)

LionFlagsThis is another set of gorgeous silks that were hand-painted by Margie Puckett of Unhindered and Unashamed.  These are XL quills called Lion of Judah – and they are truly stunning!  Near the end of the video you’ll see me making smiling faces and nods to the people who were mouthing “wow” to me – LOL! » more »

Paints, Quills, and More

September 2013 | Tidbits

Tawna-contestThis is another video that was entered in the MR Quill Giveaway. She actually demos not only a mismatched pair of Dyed4you M quill flags called Spirit & Truth (which you’ve seen before), but some swing flags made by our friend Caleb (she refers to them as throw flags), and a scarf made by Rachel (who I’m not familiar with). » more »

Under His Loving Wings L Quills

August 2013 | In Action (Other's Flags)

UnderHisLovingWingsThese gorgeous silks were hand-painted by Margie Puckett of Unhindered and Unashamed.  You’ve heard me talk before about why it matters who makes your flags (and if you missed it I suggest giving it a peek!), let me tell you – Margie is the real deal! I actually got to meet her because, like Dyed4you, Unhindered and Unashamed works with our friend Nickol at Prophetic Worship Banners to have her silks quilled 🙂 » more »

Allissa with a Streamer Veil

July 2013 | In Action (Other's Flags)

Allissa-streamerveilAllissa using a beautiful gift I received from my friend Nickol at Prophetic Worship Banners – a streamer veil!  I am IN LOVE!!! Just know you’ll likely see this beautiful product added to Dyed4you’s product line in the future 😉 » more »

PFT Shavuot (Pentecost) Conference

May 2013 | In Action

Shavuot-PFTA couple days after our time at Beit Tikkun (which you saw the clip from), we had a conference at my home church honoring the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost). These are a couple clips from our services – what’s especially fun for me is a couple of the people in one of the videos are visitor from out of town – one in particular is an avid follower (and commenter) on this blog! In the videos you’ll see quills and swing flags and more.

» more »

Faithful in Cambodia

April 2013 | Anecdotes, In Action

Faithful-Cambodia-AndreaOh how I love seeing Dyed4you silk on the missions field!!!  You’ve seen this pair of rainbow swing flags before (see the post here), they’re called Faithful. You will also see a BUNCH of synthetic swing flags Andrea (whose flag ministry I’ve mentioned before) made to bring along with her on this trip (which I believe she intends to bless the people with). » more »

Regifted Blessing

April 2013 | Tidbits

Mishunda-caleb-swingflagsYou may remember the pair of swing flags that Caleb gifted me last spring, well Father had me regift them (He does this to me ALL the time with my flags!) and so I couldn’t resist sharing the beautiful worship the recipient shared with me 🙂 » more »

Co-Mingling Anointings

February 2013 | In Action (Other's Flags)

You all may remember Andrea from my previous post about why it matters who makes your flags. Father had us bless each other with some flags again – He loves co-mingling the anointings of different ministries (“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is For brethren to dwell together in unity!” Ps 133:1). » more »

Dancing for Him with Veils/Scarves

February 2013 | In Action

For those of you who love the idea of dancing with silk but aren’t quite sure what to do with them, Dancing for Him Ministries just put out a new video tutorial that you will not want to miss!  Most of the silks in the video are about the size of our 35×84 silks (in case you decide you want to try it and aren’t sure what size to get). » more »

Provided For L Quills Layered with MR

October 2012 | In Action, In Action (Other's Flags)

Loved getting to see this fun video with a pair of Dyed4you L quills called Provided For that Nickol has layered with a pair of white MR quills from Prophetic Worship Banners (as well as the streamers and billow which I presume are also from PWB). So beautiful! » more »

Giant Quill

September 2012 | Tidbits

This is a quill my friend Nickol from Prophetic Worship Banners made me and I couldn’t help but share!  This is called a Giant Quill and it is 70″ along the quill!  And before you ask –  yes – you can get a Dyed4you one as a special order item 😉 » more »

Worship Symposium

August 2012 | Anecdotes, In Action (Demos)

Our friend Nickol from Prophetic Worship Banners (who quills our quill flags) went to a Worship Symposium (in Pasadena, CA) last month and brought some Dyed4you quills with her – you can spot several in the group video of the balcony! She said there was a POWERFUL presence of the Lord on the night the video below was shot. » more »

Homemade Swing Flags

June 2012 | Tidbits

This is a fun video – it has no Dyed4you silk in it, but the swing flags on the stage area were created based on our how-to make swing flags post! Since I was blessed by the anointing on this dance, I thought you would be too 🙂 » more »